Ushuaia and El Calafate, Argentina


Located in the Beagle Channel, Ushuaia, the capital of Tierra del Fuego, is also the southernmost city in the world. The past of the city is rich in various events: Ushuaia managed to be a stronghold of missionary activity among recalcitrant Indians, a place of exile and a naval base for the Argentine armed forces. Now it is a popular tourist center with a developed infrastructure, a lot of restaurants, hotels and casinos.

According to wholevehicles, Ushuaia is the main starting point for tours to Antarctica, so there are always a lot of enthusiastic polar explorers and a lot of “special Antarctic” shops here.

A bit of history

The first inhabitants of Tierra del Fuego appeared here 10 thousand years ago, when the Strait of Magellan had not yet separated this part from the continent. Now the local population is 70 thousand inhabitants, gradually increasing due to the development of tourism and the emergence of a free trade zone here.

How to get there

From Buenos Aires to Ushuaia – more than 3000 km. It is most reasonable to overcome them by plane, the travel time is about 4 hours.

Weather forecast

The climate on the island is wonderful, especially spring, summer and early autumn. This period is perfect for walks in the national park, cruises, fishing and other trips to these places.


There are a large number of hotels in Ushuaia – from hostels that do not pretend to comfort to expensive (and very high-quality) “fives”. Decent options are usually booked in advance, especially during the high season, but you can always find a bed in a hostel. The popularity of accommodation in Ushuaia is explained by the same Antarctic tours – so it is wiser to come to the city with a confirmation from the hotel.

Shopping and stores

On San Martin Street, you can make a lot of bargains in numerous stores filled with imported goods.

3 things to do in Ushuaia

  1. Go on exciting tours to Antarctica, because it is from here that the journey to the most little-studied and cold continent begins.
  2. Go ice climbing and feel like a conqueror of glaciers.
  3. See with your own eyes penguins – the only birds that can swim, but cannot fly.

Entertainment and attractions in Ushuaia

The main attractions of the city: the Presidio Museum, located in the building of a former military prison, the Maritime Museum (in the same building), the World’s End Museum dedicated to the history, flora and fauna of Tierra del Fuego, the Museum of the Yamana Indians.

Rock climbers, or rather ice climbers, can try their hand at climbing the Martial Glacier (there is also a ski mini-resort for a couple of slopes here in winter), from the top of which you can enjoy breathtaking views of the city and the Beagle Strait. We recommend skiing fans to try out the slopes of Cerro Castor. You can take a catamaran ride along the Beagle Channel and watch the penguins on the nearby islands. Also must-sees are the Tierra del Fuego National Park and the End of the World train.

El Calafate

The small Argentine town of El Calafate is extremely interesting in itself. It is a small, pretty town that lives mainly on tourism. Here is amazing nature, bright blue water surface of the lake, on the shore of which it is located, small cozy bars and restaurants, local residents, among whom there are many Indians.

How to get there

The most convenient way is by plane, because the distance from the city to the capital is almost 2700 km, just for 3 hours of flight. Flights to El Calafate also operate from the major southern regional center of San Carlos de Bariloche (an hour and a half in the air).


A place to stay in El Calafate will go to every tourist, it all depends on the needs and money. But whether it will be possible to settle in the Los Sauces hotel, which is included in the list of beautiful hotels in the world and belongs to Christina Kirchner, is not known – the pleasure is not cheap.

Entertainment and attractions in El Calafet

The central street of Avenida Libertador is crowded, there are many restaurants and souvenir shops. And nearby, in addition, is Lago Argentino – a national park consisting of 13 glaciers, which, descending from the mountains, plunge into the clear waters of Lakes Viedma and Argentino. Perhaps the most spectacular is the Perito Moreno Glacier on Lake Argentino.

From many observation platforms of the national park, you can observe a giant mass of ice literally at arm’s length. And not only to watch: the ice is constantly cracking, making a very unusual constant dry background sound.

El Calafate, Argentina