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There are six continents, six large tracts of land immersed on planet Earth, which are limited by the oceans, seas, mountains and hills. Which ones are they? Check out:

  • Africa
  • America
  • Antarctica
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Oceania

Facts About 6 Continents

Africa: it has about 30,230,000 km² of territorial extension, distributed in 53 countries, with Nigeria being the most populous, according to Countryaah. It is the continent to which the great part of the malnourished population belongs and where the greatest social problems of today are presented. The HIV virus has its highest incidence on this continent. However, Africa has a great diversity of cultures and is home to the most beautiful natural landscapes.

List of countries in Africa:

America: it is divided into three major fundamental parts. They are: North America(23,651,000 km²), Central America (731,000 km²) and South America (17,833,000 km²). Thus, in total, America has 42,215,000 km² of territorial extension. It is made up of 35 countries and has a population of 934.3 million inhabitants. In North America there are high rates of human development, in countries like the United States and Canada, for example. South and Central America, on the other hand, are regions in which there are several socio-economic problems, such as high infant mortality rates.

List of countries in North and Central America:

List of countries in South America:

Antarctica: It is located almost entirely in the south of the Antarctic polar circle. It is the fourth largest continent in the world with 14,108,000 km² of extension. However, in winter, its size reaches almost double, due to the large volume of sea ice that forms around it.

Asia: it is the largest ( 482.000 km²) and most populous continent, with 4.1 billion inhabitants, which consists of approximately 60% of the world population. As a country that begins with letter J according to Trackaah, Japan, a country belonging to the Asian continent, is currently the owner of the most prosperous economies in the world.

List of countries in Asia:

Europe: 360.000 km² of territorial area distributed by 49 independent countries and 749.6 million inhabitants. Europe is home to some of the more developed countries that have one of the highest human development indices. However, it is the continent with the lowest population growth: 0.1% per year.

List of countries in Europe:

Oceania: It is also known as the Australian continent. It represents the smallest continental portion: 8,480,000 km² of territory, divided by 14 different nations, where 37.1 million people live. With the exception of Australia and New Zealand, Oceania exhibits several economic problems.

List of countries in Oceania:

Continental Models

But the answer to the question “how many continents are there on the globe?” it’s not that linear.

The Religion FAQs

Not everyone agrees with the definition of “continent”, and different countries and cultural spheres around the globe choose different continental models:

  • Four continents: According to this model, Europe, Africa and Asia should be a single continent – Eurafrásia. It is a model based on the “geological” definition of continent – that of an area of ​​continuous land.
  • Five continents (traditional model): Only permanently inhabited continents count here (excludes Antarctica). This model is depicted in the 5 rings of the Olympic Games.
  • Five continents (variation): In this, Antarctica is considered a continent; but Europe and Asia together are just one – Eurasia.
  • Six continents (traditional model): The six continents are the five of the traditional model, but include Antarctica. It is taught in Latin America and, in Europe, in some countries like Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and Belgium.
  • Six continents (geological model): It is connected to continental tectonic plates.
  • Seven continents: Conventional model taught in most English-speaking countries and China. It divides America into North America (includes Central America) and South America. Oceania is commonly referred to as the Australian continent.

Each continent has different climatic, population, cultural and economic characteristics. Taken together, the 6 continents represent 29.1% of the surface of planet Earth.

There are 400 million years, there was only a single continent called Pangea. The current configuration of the Earth is due to the process of displacement of the Earth’s crust (movement of tectonic plates) and was established about 60 million years ago.

The 50 countries with the highest unemployment in the world

Rank Country Unemployment (%)
1 Zimbabwe (Africa) 82.00
2 Afghanistan (Asia) 43.00
3 Nepal (Asia) 40.00
4 Macedonia (Europe) 36.90
5 Angola (Africa) 36.00
6 Armenia (Asia) 35.30
7 American Samoa (Australia-Oceania) 31.00
8 Honduras (North America) 27.30
9 South Africa (Africa) 26.90
10 Iraq (Asia) 26.00
11 Bangladesh (Asia) 22.00
12 Botswana (Africa) 19.60
13 Croatia (Europe) 18.20
14 Poland (Europe) 17.10
15 Paraguay (South America) 16.60
16 Algeria (Africa) 16.00
17 New Caledonia (Australia-Oceania) 15.10
18 Bahrain (Asia) 15.00
19 Tunisia (Africa) 14.40
20 Belize (North America) 12.90
21 Syria, Arab Republic (Asia) 12.80
22 Indonesia (Asia) 12.30
23 Jordan (Asia) 12.00
24 Georgia (Asia) 11.80
25 Uruguay (South America) 11.80
26 Bahamas (North America) 11.60
27 Iran (Asia) 11.30
28 Colombia (South America) 11.20
29 Slovakia (Europe) 11.20
30 Venezuela (South America) 11.10
31 Bulgaria (Europe) 10.80
32 Jamaica (North America) 10.80
33 Argentina (South America) 10.40
34 Slovenia (Europe) 10.30
35 Ecuador (South America) 10.20
36 Germany (Europe) 10.10
37 Morocco (Africa) 10.10
38 Turkey (Asia) 9.80
39 Greece (Europe) 9.70
40 France (Europe) 9.60
41 Brazil (South America) 9.30
42 Mauritius (Africa) 9.30
43 Philippines (Asia) 9.30
44 China, People’s Republic (Asia) 9.20
45 Egypt (Africa) 9.10
46 Panama (North America) 8.90
47 Israel (Asia) 8.80
48 Spain (Europe) 8.80
49 India (Asia) 8.70
50 Suriname (South America) 8.50
The unemployment rate expresses the lack of paid employment opportunities for potential workers.

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