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According to Countryaah data, in June 1992, the Opposition Party, the Movement of Conscious Citizens, won the election on Nevis and conquered Nevis’ Reform Party’s 3 seats in parliament. That same year, Governor General Clement Athleston’s representative died in Nevis, Weston Paris, under unresolved circumstances.

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According to thesciencetutor, the November 1993 election yielded an unclear result, and a new election was held in July 1995, won by St. Kitts-Nevis ‘Workers’ Party headed by Denzil Douglas.

In mid-1996, a new constitutional crisis erupted around Nevis’ secession. The island’s prime minister, Vance Amory, stated that he had taken legal steps to the island’s secession from the federation. Denzil Douglas responded again by declaring that there was a serious risk of “fragmentation”.

In August 1998, a referendum on Nevis’ secession was held. The Movement of Conscious Citizens under the leadership of Nevis Prime Minister Vance Amory suffered a staggering defeat here as the necessary 2/3 majority failed. Only 61.2% voted for independence. Subsequently, representatives from Caricom’s member states, the US and St. Kitts to Nevis to improve relations between the two islands that had been seriously damaged during the election campaign.

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In October, Hurricane Georges severely destroyed or damaged 80% of the country’s buildings. The rebuilding of the island was carried out jointly by the people and the government with international assistance, and lasted several months.

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