Religion in Kiribati


The majority of the population is micronesia. Just over 90 percent live in the Gilbert Islands, alone on the Tarawa Atoll, close to 40 percent. Of the 32 atolls, 20 are uninhabited.

People in Kiribati


The population speaks kiribati (an Austronesian language from the oceanic group, also known as Gilbertese) and English, which is the official language.

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According to Countryaah data, the country is totally dominated by Micronesian Christianity, which replaced the former indigenous religion. American missionaries introduced the Congregationalist Church in the 1860s, while it was otherwise completely characterized by Samoan missionaries. Just over 40% are Congregationalists today. French religious sisters were the driving forces in the establishment of a culturally adapted Catholic church. According to thesciencetutor, Kiribati dances and indigenous music styles were integrated with Latin processions and fairs. The style of the Roman Catholic Church attracted the people and today it includes more than 50% of the population. Minor religions are Seventh-day Adventists, Bahai and Mormons.

Kiribati Religion