Religion in Barbados


According to Countryaah data, Barbados has an average population density of 667 residents per km2, which is one of the highest in the world. About 31 percent of the population lives in cities.

Substantial emigration and labor migration have resulted in the country having a low population growth and a substantial surplus of women.

For information on life expectancy and other demographic statistics, see Country facts.

People in Barbados


English is the official language. The spoken language bajan is usually regarded as a dialect of English rather than a Creole language.

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After 1655, under British influence, the Anglican church community became dominant, but in the form of a strong liberal Protestantism. Several Protestant churches followed. In recent years, evangelical and charismatic churches from the United States have gained a growing influence. At the 1971 Barbados Symposium, a Christian protest erupted against cultural annihilation and genocide of Native American people in Latin America. According to thesciencetutor, about 93% of Barbados people are Protestants, about 4% Catholics. Ecumenical cooperation is found in the Caribbean Council of Churches, mostly on social issues.

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