Foreign Development Cooperation in Equatorial Guinea

Trade relations between the Czech Republic and Equatorial Guinea are very low. Mutual trade has so far been characterized by occasional transactions rather than the stable establishment of certain exporters/importers or mutual investments. We see the main obstacles to mutual economic and business cooperation in the lack of interest of Czech private companies in this country, ignorance of the territory and ways of doing business in it, distance from the Czech Republic, still low knowledge of the Spanish or French language and a certain caution or reluctance to engage in the unknown for a long time (and for many risky) territory. Equatorial Guinea is rated by the OECD agency in the worst category in terms of export credit insurability, so domestic Czech banks are very cautious. Czech companies face strong competition from Chinese, Spanish, French.

Balance of mutual trade exchange for the last 5 years

2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
export 865 1620 233 61 199
importation 109 40 30 249 164
turnover 974 1660 263 309 363
balance 756 1580 203 -188 35

Data are in thousands. USD

10 most important Czech export/import items

In 2018, goods worth CZK million were exported to Equatorial Guinea, and imports amounted to CZK million. The subject of export was beer, pork, ceramic tiles, parts for mobile phones, etc. Pallets, products of animal origin, extractor hoods were imported.

Mutual exchange in the field of services

ZÚ does not register any cooperation in the field of services.

Czech investments in the territory: Companies and joint-ventures in mutual trade and in other areas of economic cooperation

ZÚ does not have information about companies operating in Equatorial Guinea. Czech entrepreneurs and traders do not have any joint ventures in the country.

The contractual basis between the two states

No contract was concluded between the Czech Republic and Equatorial Guinea. Since the entry of the Czech Republic into the EU, economic relations have been regulated by the common policy of the EU.

Foreign development cooperation

The Czech Republic does not provide any development aid to the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.

Equatorial Guinea: Map of industry opportunities – perspective Czech export items

The most promising items for Czech exports, sectors for investment, privatization and development projects

The Guinean market is small and the purchasing power of most of the population is low. The exporter should focus on the entire CEMAC area. On the other hand, the share of domestic production is very low, almost all goods are imported.

In addition to consumer goods, promising items for export include especially those products that comply with the “Horizonte 2020” strategy. These currently include in particular:

  • food commodities and technological equipment for the food industry (bakeries, mills, microbreweries, fruit and vegetable processing lines).
  • tractors and other agricultural machinery
  • fertilizers and pest control chemicals.
  • fish processing technology, freezing operations, etc.
  • mining, transportation and storage facilities for the oil and non-oil sectors
  • equipment for the production of oil derivatives, petrochemical • sawmills, wood processing lines.

Equatorial Guinea invests in the development of infrastructure – from this point of view, construction machines, airport equipment, residential buildings, hospitals, equipment for hydroelectric power plants, small hydroelectric power plants, but also renewable sources of electricity (solar…) that can be connected off-grid are promising.

In perspective, Equatorial Guinea also offers a very good market for, for example, Czech small transport aircraft, telecommunications equipment and services. Cooperation in the field of export of Czech special material has considerable potential.

Event calendar

In Equatorial Guinea, markets are held only in Malabo, but they are only of local importance.

Practical telephone numbers in the territory (emergency services, traffic police, firefighters, information lines, etc.)

  • Police: 114 • Firefighters: 115

Malabo Hospital:

  • Virgin of Guadalupe Clinic: +2
  • Klinika “La Paz”: +240 556 666 160


  • Clinic „La Paz“: +240 333 083 515

If in an emergency it is not possible to contact the embassy of the Czech Republic in Nigeria, due to the obligation of EU countries to provide consular assistance to EU citizens in an emergency, it is possible to contact, for example, the embassy of Spain in Malabo or the consulate general in Bata. There is also a French embassy in Malabo:

Embassy of Spain Parque de las Avenidas de Africa s/n., Malabo tel.: +240-333-09-2020, 2868 fax: +240-333-09-2611

Consulate General of Spain Mayor Lumu Matindi, s/o, Bata tel.: +240-333-08-2635, 2976 fax: +240-333-08-2

Embassy of France tel.: +234-333-09-2005, 2108

fax: +234-333-09-2869, 2305

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Foreign Development Cooperation in Equatorial Guinea