Before the trip to Uzbekistan

Travel documents
If you discover that your name is misspelled on your booking confirmation, please contact us immediately so that we can correct this before we issue your airline tickets. Your name must be written exactly as in your passport. You must therefore check that the name details on the ticket booking confirmation are correct and correspond to what is stated in your passport document.
If you have more than one surname, they must all be stated on the flight ticket. The letters å, ä and ö are written as follows on your flight ticket: å = aa, ä = ae and ö = oe. We will send you flight tickets, participant list and hotel list no later than 10 days before your departure.

Before the trip to Uzbekistan

Passport and Visa
Swedish citizens need a visa to visit Uzbekistan. The passport must not be cracked or otherwise broken. Make sure your passport contains at least two blank pages and is valid for 6 months after returning home. Temporary passports are not accepted. Visa form will be sent to you together with the booking confirmation. Be sure to fill out the form according to the instructions and do not hesitate to contact Phoenix Travel if you have any questions. Keep a copy of your valuables such as passports and visas in a safe place.

Vaccinations and health
Review your basic protection and contact your doctor or a vaccination center for a consultation well in advance of departure. Do not drink tap water, avoid ice in chilled beverages and do not eat unrinsed fruits or vegetables. Make sure you have comprehensive travel insurance that applies to care in Uzbekistan and check that it also covers any repatriation in the event of illness. Bring documentation of current travel / health insurance. Medicines should be stored in the original packaging where it is clear what type of medicine it is. If you use prescription drugs, you should have a copy of the prescriptions in English that you can get from the pharmacy or from the doctor who prescribed them. Store the medicines (with prescription) in your hand luggage. Toilet paper in Uzbekistan can be of varying quality and is also completely missing in many toilets. It can therefore be a good idea to bring toilet paper from home, as well as wet wipes and rubbing alcohol as the water supply may also be limited in some places. Healthcare usually has a lower standard outside the capital Tashkent.

Weather and clothing
Uzbekistan has a temperate, dry mainland climate with very hot summer months and a short, cold winter. Uzbekistan can be visited all year round, but many prefer spring and autumn when the weather is mild and pleasant. Do not forget to bring a pair of comfortable shoes! When visiting mosques, women should cover their hair with a shawl. Before such visits, both women and men should wear garments that cover the shoulders and knees.

Climate table for Tashkent (Capital of Uzbekistan)

Tashkent Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Christmas Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max ° C 6 8 14 22 27 33 36 34 29 21 14 9
Min ° C -3 -2 4 10 14 18 19 17 12 7 3 0
Precipitation etc. 53 28 66 58 36 13 5 3 3 31 38 41

The currency in Uzbekistan is called as. Bring US dollars to exchange on site. The banknotes must be intact and clean to be accepted. To be able to exchange Uzbekistan currency for the return trip, you must present a valid exchange receipt. Therefore, save your exchange receipts before any exchange that is only possible at the airport on departure from Uzbekistan. You can usually use credit cards like Visa and MasterCard at larger hotels and in some stores. In larger cities like Tashkent, it is possible to withdraw cash at a limited number of ATMs that accept international credit cards.

Transport and communications
In recent years, Uzbekistan has invested in improving its transport systems. There are domestic flights between the main cities and fairly well-functioning train connections. Uzbekistan has also been home to Central Asia’s only high-speed train running the Tashkent – Samarkand route since 2011. Wifi is usually available at, for example, larger hotels, better restaurants and airports. Use registered taxis and feel free to ask the hotel or restaurant to order a taxi for you.

Food and drinks
Uzbek cuisine is rich and varied and belongs to the food tradition found elsewhere in Central Asia where influences from different ends of the Silk Road have met and given rise to local specialties. In Uzbekistan, for example, you will find good bread, wonderful noodle dishes, dumplings, lamb kebabs and the Uzbek version of pilaf, which is something of a national dish and comes in a variety of local varieties. The most common meal drink is tea, but of course there is also beer and wine to drink with the food for those who so wish.

Uzbekistan is known for its fine craftsmanship and here you will find, for example, beautiful ceramics, exquisite embroidery, hand-woven rugs and excellent leather and metal work. Keep in mind that there are restrictions on the export of antiques and art objects that are more than 50 years old. If in doubt, ask the local guide and ask the seller for a clear receipt to show on request.

Other information
Time difference: 4 hours before Swedish winter time and 3 hours before Swedish summer time.
Tips: A service fee of 10 – 15% is often added to the bill, otherwise you can pay the corresponding percentage in tips when paying. Guides and drivers expect tips (about $ 3 for the guide and $ 2 for the driver per traveler per day).
Baggage: It sometimes happens that checked baggage gets lost. Therefore, pack valuables and important medicines with a certificate from your doctor in your hand luggage. Label all your luggage carefully with the luggage tags you receive with the tickets. This is important as these notes are our identification at the airport and at our hotels. A durable and lockable suitcase is recommended as luggage is not always handled carefully. Keep a close eye on your belongings, especially at airports and train stations, etc.
Language: The official language is Uzbek, but many Uzbeks also speak Russian. A few Uzbeks speak English, but the language has become increasingly popular among the younger generation, especially in the cities.
El: 220 volts. The withdrawals are the same as in Sweden.