5 Attractions in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is packed with attractions. Do not let yourself be limited to the beautiful beaches but make sure to see the whole of Rio and all that the city has in its lap.

The statue of Christ

Established in 1931 and one of the world’s seven new wonders. The Christ statue on Mount Corcovado stands with its outstretched arms as a savior over all the Christians of the world. It is as difficult to avoid as the Eiffel Tower in Paris and if you want to see it up close, you can take the railway up to the top of the mountain and view the more than 30 meter high figure. There are also stairs for those who also want to get some exercise. However, taking the train is recommended as you can also see the Tijuca Forest National Park on the way up. The journey takes only 20 minutes.

The favelas

According to Topb2bwebsites, Rio is also known for its many favelas. Some of them are a little safer than others and they are the ones you should go to if you want to meet the real “people” in Rio. Tavares Bastos and Vidigal may be of interest to you as a tourist but be careful here too, as many pickpockets operate. Santa Marta is considered the safest and here you can follow in Michael Jackson’s footsteps when he recorded the video “They do not care about us” here. Favelas you should not visit as a tourist, however, are Vila Cruzeiro or MarĂ©.
In some favelas you can stay with a family or join a guided tour with a guide. This is where samban originated and much of the world’s fashion. The favelas are full of arts and crafts as it is sometimes the only way for people to support themselves. The really traditional restaurants and bars are also taken from the world of favelas and here there are real hooks owned by families where you can try lots of good food and drink. and you do not pay much for it. Some favelas even have hotels where you can book a room.

Vista Chinesa

This is an urban rainforest where you can meet monkeys and walk along winding green hiking trails. Here you get to see Horto, a district in Rio and up on the mountain Corcovado where the statue of Jesus stands. Even though you are in the big city of Brazil, you get a feeling of being in the jungle, which can be a nice contrast to the big city heat.

Santa Teresa

If you love charming cobbled streets and colorful colonial houses, you should definitely head to Santa Teresa, located on one of Rio’s hills. Here are some of Rio’s absolute best bars and genuine restaurants plus a lot of unique small shops with all kinds of styles. It’s easy to make friends here. Go to the Bar do Mineiro bar in the evening and eat well at the same time before having a beer out on the street to hang out with people.

Escalera Seleron

This is probably the planet’s most beautiful staircase in mosaic and shards of glass. It was built by the Chilean artist Jorge SelarĂ³n to honor the Brazilian people. From the beginning, it was intended to be just a renovation of stairs outside his own home, but as people began to pay attention to the style and the bright colors, it all continued to become something magnificent. He became completely obsessed with the construction and the shards made the pattern more and more unique. The stairs were never really finished because it was constantly under construction and unfortunately the artist died a mysterious death in 2013 that interrupted the whole thing. Today, the stairs are a work of art to be seen on site.

5 Attractions in Rio de Janeiro