Zenfone 3 Pegasus: ASUS Introduces 5.2-Inch Smartphone

Before a few weeks ASUS his new zenfone-3 series in the form of three devices introduced: the zenfone 3 Deluxe for around $ 500, the approximately 480 US $ zenfone 3 ultra as well as the normal zenfone of 3, for which the Taiwanese manufacturer the present information for about 250 dollars demanded. Now ASUS however sets up and presented another device: the so-called zenfone 3 Pegasus, aimed with a price from 1,299 Chinese Yuan (equivalent to about US$ 200) in particular to price-conscious users. Our site presents the 5.2-inch Smartphone.

Quad-core processor on board

The present information is the user in addition to the 5.2-inch screen with 1280 x 720 pixels, processors with four computing cores (up to 1.3 ghz) available resolves,. In the latter case, ASUS relies on the mediatek chip MT6737, supported by a great 2 or 3 gigabyte (GB) memory depending on the model. The internal memory is the variant with 2 GB RAM 16 GB providing model with 3 GB RAM, 32 GB. A microsd card slot for memory expansion sits in a combined SIM and memory card slot offers the zenfone 3 Pegasus also.

With 4,100 mah

Pegasus also Bluetooth 4.0, wireless-n, LTE, as well as a fingerprint scanner at the back belong to the facilities of the zenfone 3 according to the information, in addition to a second SIM card slot. The main camera comes to 13 megapixels (MP), the front-facing camera 5 MP. The operating system, ASUS sets Marshmallow that is provided with the in-house user interface zenui on the current Android 6.0. A battery of no less than total 4,100 mah serves as power storage.

Android 6.0: to exploit Marshmallow

For the time being only in China

The zenfone 3 Pegasus comes only in the market of China. Whereas the variant with 2 GB the described 1,299 Chinese Yuan (around US$ 200 or 175 euros) costs RAM, model with 3 GB RAM with about 1,500 Chinese Yuan (230 US dollars or 200 euros) to beech suggests.