Zara Versus Allergic: Their Shirts with Flowers This Summer

Although spring has finished many days ago in Zara they are betting on flowers for the summer. Yes, the imagination of Zara is overwhelming. There are many shirts tabled by the Spanish firm and today we want to that you take a look at its three prototypes: large flowers, microflores and palm leaves. With what you get you?

The large flowers are that Crown this post and then you can see the microflores. Do you prefer size for the vegetation of your shirts?

I, no doubt, prefer small. But they get does not convince me at all and I blame both the texture of the shirt and his court have it. Judging by the photos, they seem to very languid, This type of shirt that excess by all sides and necks too wide. Do not you give you that feeling?

If you prefer leaves and palms, You can also find them at Zara:

All shirts cost between 25.95 and 29.95 euros. With what you get you?