What Exams Should Be Done Before Getting Pregnant

Getting pregnant is a very important step in the life of the woman and also of her partner, because it is a new life that will come and they will be responsible for it. A woman should undergo several tests before becoming pregnant to find out if she can get pregnant normally and if she is healthy.

What Exams Should Be Done Before Getting Pregnant

The first step for a woman who wants to get pregnant is to seek a doctor, this professional will evaluate if you have any health problems, such as lupus, diabetes , depression or hypertension. He will also ask questions about your lifestyle and food.

The doctor will also ask about the contraceptive method that the expectant mother is using and if she has had any problems in her reproductive system, if she has already suffered some abortion and many other things.

5 Exams That Should Be Done Before Getting Pregnant

Pap smear

Gynecological exams such as pap smears should be done before getting pregnant.

They discover some possible problem in the uterus and throughout the reproductive region.

After the pap smear, the doctor may order other gynecological exams, such as the examination for the presence of the chlamydia bacteria, which most often have no symptoms, but are detrimental to fertility and pregnancy.


It is very important to also do a urinalysis to find out some possible urinary tract infection.

This type of infection can cause miscarriages and babies can be born prematurely.


The complete blood count is one of the tests that every woman should do before becoming pregnant.

This blood test is very important to detect anemia or any other problem in your blood.

The doctor may also order specific tests to detect genes for various diseases, such as sickle cell anemia, thalassemia, and Tay-Sachs.

Blood pressure

The test to detect problems with blood pressure is essential to avoid problems in pregnancy.

Women with high blood pressure may have problems with their baby’s development.

In addition to these tests, women who want to get pregnant should take the necessary vaccines to prevent abortion and other problems with the fetus.

Future mothers also need to start taking the folic acid supplement at least one month before getting pregnant. Folic acid is very important so that the development of the baby’s brain is normal.

Women who want to get pregnant should take at least 400 mcg of folic acid per day. It is a pill that needs to be taken every day.

So if you are thinking of getting pregnant, seek a doctor and do all the tests listed above and follow all the steps, because only then can you have a healthy and happy pregnancy.


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