Warning Default: Controversial App Shows Only Companies Bankruptcies

The controversial App Note bust informs the public so far both private and business bankruptcies in Germany. That should change now. Because of privacy concerns, the operators rebuild the application to 1 September 2016. It shows only corporate insolvencies.
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App provides individuals in the pillory

The app garnered much criticism in the past, because above all insolvent individuals were exposed. The information about who logs on the bankruptcy in this country, are but already public. The freedom of movement of the app in dealing with the relevant information is however problematic. The ease of use and the fact that the 2.99 Euro expensive app displays full addresses and even court documents, would be affected borrowers, especially in the stocks, so the reproach to the operator derkeiler gmbh.

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App does nothing illegal

Managing Director Ulrich Keil probably took the criticism to heart and now to comply with the wishes of the public. The decision was mainly plans of the State supervisor of Rhineland-Palatinate to light were completely disallow the app in its current form. Even if the application legally do anything illegal, you did not have the financial means to clarify the legality of attention finally broke so wedge. He added: we’re better our time and money in the development of good new apps, as in court proceedings and lawyers. We have enough app ideas.