Vodafone Smart Platinum 7: Practice Test Provider Smartphone

Test conclusion: what you should know

Stylish metal and glass enclosure, sharp display, powerful speakers: the Vodafone smart Platinum 7 is without question a strong Smartphone, which is technically located in the upper middle class. However you get to Idol 4 S a nearly identical device with the Alcatel the cheaper price of just under 370 euros (stand: 11 August 2016) including VR goggles. It is available at Vodafone only at an additional cost. Best price on the Internet: 392,99 Euro * this product at Amazon order high-quality and stylish housing Pro razor sharp display pure stereo speaker fast operating speed faster fingerprint sensor counter battery firmly installed assessment of editorial good users rating now evaluate with his new mobile smart Platinum 7 uses Vodafone for the first time on a high-quality case made of glass and metal. That’s a real eye catcher with its diamond pattern is chic from especially the back. The Gorilla glass is also very prone to fingerprints. On smooth surfaces, the Smartphone is also likes the finish. Stereo speakers in a depression like in the Alcatel sit on the front page above and below the screen idol 4S. That does not come from about: the Chinese mother of Alcatel TCL stands for the production of the smart Platinum 7 responsible. The similarities don’t stop speakers: motherboard and display are 4S with those of the idol identical, in terms of size and the two smartphones take not much weight. Unlike at the mobile by Alcatel: under the camera sits on the back of a fingerprint sensor.

Freely assignable button

The rear panel is not removable, the battery is not changed as a result. A drawer for a micro – SIM and microsd card is located on the left side of the housing. It is a freely assignable button, which launches the camera or the favorite app, for example. Right are the power button and the volume rocker on the housing. The keys something wiggle and rattle can be heard, but have a good pressure point. Total processing and feel convinced of the smart Platinum 7.

Practice test: Vodafone smart Platinum 7

Knackescharfes display with great colors

The display of smart Platinum 7 measures 5.5 inches (13.97 cm), dissolves with 2560 x 1440 resolution and sharp looks crisp. The screen can impress thanks to high contrast and vibrant colors. Through the large viewing angle is easily recognizable the display from the side. In direct sunlight, high susceptibility to fingerprints but complicates accurate reading. The screen is also a little too dark.

Powerful stereo speakers

The inner values decides Vodafone for the current Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and a big battery with 3,000 mah. On the Smartphone, Vodafone’s own apps such as message + and call + are in addition to the usual suspects. The latter allows you to mark a call for the recipients as important, to specify the reason for the call, and to provide the outgoing call with a photo or the site. This is of course only if the other party uses the same app. The stereo speakers sound tired even at maximum volume and are free from distortion. A spatial sound is created by the arrangement of the upper and lower edge of the housing. The fingerprint sensor is fast and reliable. The Smartphone via Wi-Fi connects the ac standard on the 2.4 and 5 gigahertz bands as well as ago by Bluetooth 4.2. It dominated in addition the fast data connection LTE as well as NFC.

Fast operating speed

Inside the smart Platinum 7 of the eight core Snapdragon 652 from Qualcomm, which pulses with up to 4 x 1, 8 ghz and 4 x 1, 2 ghz works. The graphics unit Adreno 510 to the side is the processor. In various benchmark tests, the Smartphone hits well, current top smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 but still a lot of air. Slightly older high-end devices Apple iphone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 passes the Vodafone Mobile however. The operating speed is high, graphics-blockbuster go airborne like asphalt 8: liquid and Platinum 7 look at Smart great.

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Expandable memory

The smart Platinum 7 has 3 gigabytes of memory. The internal memory comes to 32 gigabytes, of which some are 22.5 GB free which is sufficient for most users. It should be nevertheless once scarce, is the storage via microsd card up to 128 gigabytes expand

Ordinary cameras

Amateur photographers may be at the smart Platinum 7 via a fast camera app happy. With the expert mode can be manually fine tuning. Slow motion videos are also possible. The rear-view camera draws on 16 mega pixels and take photos of slightly noisy outside. The brightness of course looks, colors are slightly distorted and go in the green-yellow. Interior shots are less noisy, but too dark without Flash, which many details disappear. The representation of colors is fine, however, in enclosed spaces. Detail shots look sharp and are only minimally to dark. The Frontknipse shoot compelling self portraits with 8 megapixels. The phone can also record, sharp 4K-Videos (3840 x 2160 pixels) but not smoothly playback: always re-ignites the image itself recorded films. Sample images from the photo comparison device, Samsung Galaxy S7, see the article for the download.

Appropriate VR glasses

Accessories has also copied from Vodafone a trick at Alcatel, because to the smart Platinum 7, there is also a VR glasses which once cost 30 euros with a Vodafone contract. The glasses are almost identical to those of the Alcatel Idol 4S. The user is stuck the Smartphone at the front, below the glasses are two sensor buttons to navigate. The display works by the VR goggles as in similar glasses quite pixelated see Samsung gear VR, overall but she served their purpose. The tester had no bracket for the head and had to be held with the hands, according to Vodafone, the purchase option is equipped but with velcro closure straps.