Uber-killer: Didi Chuxing Conquered Western Markets

The American taxi rival uber is now very successful. But the service provider now gets competition from Asia: Didi Chuxing is the Chinese equivalent of uber powerful catching up. In his home country, the provider has already won the fight against the American service. In August 2016 uber threw the towel, Didi Chuxing took over the Chinese unit by uber. But now, the company could also the rest of the Western world conquer.

International app from spring 2017?

As the reported South China Morning Post, Didi Chuxing is an English version of its app, as well as the ability to pay with international credit cards currently. With the release of the English user interface that it settles spring 2017 first in China. The step takes place shortly after Didi Chuxings announcement an international business unit. For the expansion of its service offering you have joined forces already hard-working Chinese business Insider according with other car-sharing services in the region. Among other things the provider completed a partnership s Tomb, India s OLA and Lyft with Southeast Asia, trans.’s biggest competitors in the United States.

Participation by Apple

Didi Chuxing competes with uber for a long time. Less than a year ago, the company slumped capital in the amount of approximately $ 7 billion. According to Didi Chuxing a share was $ 4.5 billion from the recent round of financing of the company. Thus the ridesharing service won powerful investors such as China life insurance, the world’s largest online trading platform Alibaba and Apple itself. The iphone group alone contributed US$ 1 billion. In the meantime, the Chinese service provider had a valuation of $ 28 billion. With a total assessment of $ 60 billion, uber was at that time but still far front.

Uber continues forward

More 2.5 billion US dollars of the bailout for Didi came from the China Merchants Bank in the form of loans, China’s largest insurer China life insurance contributed $ 300 million once again. Thus, the Chinese car-sharing service had 2016 over total 10 billion US dollars. Quite caught up the company does not have it yet, uber had collected a capital of about $ 11 billion at the time.

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