Trend Alert: Jeans with Mix of Materials and Embroidery


2017 arrived with sweeping trends that appeared on the latest fashionable catwalks. One of them is the customization, mix of materials, stones, embroidery, fringes and lots of bet in the mix. And the jeans did not stay behind, we could see beautiful parades of the most coveted brands that presented the denim covered with pedrarias, embroidery, lace and different textures.

And if you love to keep your fashion up to date, you can not help betting on this fresh trend. Here are some tips to take advantage of. Come on?

How To Join Trend With A Mix Of Materials And Embroidery?

The mix of materials and embroidery in the jeans pieces is totally liberated to create night looks. So you can abuse in an all-customized jeans, a unique color top and a powerful leap also of unique color. Here at fun-wiki you can get more different models of the jeans fashion.

The cool thing about this trend is letting the custom jeans steal the scene, let alone it in evidence by choosing complementary pieces that are more neutral or of a unique color.

Another tip that you can bet on productions with embroidered denim or with pedrarias, is to bet on blouses with transparencies or light lace. This composition is able to make the look much more sensual and feminine.

3 Looks

1-Jeans Shirt With Pedrarias+Skirt Animal Print

Here you have a more discreet jeans shirt with some applications of jewels on the shoulders, so you can bet on a more daring piece like the skirt.

Choose a denim shirt with studs on the shoulders, a pet print print round skirt, a shoulder bag in nude color and finish the look with a peep toe also in the nude color.

2-Customized Shirt+Denim

This is a look that you can use since at work as well as to go out at night, look how to mount:

Choose a skinny jeans with pearl appliqués, a shirt with lightweight fabric in white, an open nude color sandal and finish with a white or nude shoulder bag.

3-Embroidered Skirt+Accessories

This is a look with the face of summer, the secret here is to abuse on the colorful accessories to match the embroidered jeans skirt.

Choose an embroidered denim skirt with light wash, a super basic white regatta, colorful bracelets and bracelets, a maxi colored necklace and finish with a heel and a purse in white or some color you have on your maxi necklace.