The Third Quarter Was for The Samsung Galaxy S3, IPhone 5 Will Rob You Post

It was something that more or less we aware, phones life cycles condition that they work better in some periods than others, but in the case of the two major contenders, Apple and Samsung, It is always interesting information to share.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has surpassed iPhone 4S in regards to sales, within the period of the third quarter of 2012. Standing as the best-selling Smartphone according to reports of Strategy Analytics.

The numbers speak for themselves, with 18 million units to 16.2 million for the model of Apple and Samsung model. In market shares, represents a 10.7% for the Galaxy, and a 9.7% for iPhone 4S.

iPhone 5 to turn the tide

It is expected that this situation has turned upside down in the next quarter, with an iPhone 5 starting his career very well. We even think that the iPhone 4S will still remain very active in sales, which have calmed down a little knowing that the new model was to come in the third quarter.

Strategy Analytics takes into account this detail and reports data from iPhone collected 5, arriving to the six million units, to have begun to sell later in the quarter, is a spectacular figure.

Logically, the sum of the iPhone models, surpasses the Korean model, which also could seek help from their previous model, which is still selling at a good pace, but does not appear in the study of Strategy Analytics.

Samsung in the form

Samsung model is going through a good period, with more reasonable prices, and relationship with many operators around the world, what has allowed it to sell about 10 million units in two months (30 million in her short life).

What if the attention of face to other manufacturers is that with three phones 25% of market share, is becoming almost could celebrate together the fact to be running without strong enemies.

Returning to the topic of the news, it is not the first time Galaxy S3 takes protagonism to the iPhone, last September already got it in the United States, a very important place for Apple.