The Sale of LG G4 Does Not Live up to Expectations

LG expects this year to sell about 8-12 million copies of its top model, LG G4, but it doesn’t seem to, the expectations will be fulfilled.

The top model, LG G4, don’t sell nearly as well as expected, and it gets LG brokerage companies to scale back the estimated revenue for the South Korean company.

For only two months ago it sounded otherwise optimistic from LG that they expected to sell between 8 and 12 million copies of LG G4-top model against 5.8 million of G3 last year, but it promises to be difficult to achieve.

In the three quarters, where LG G4 will be on the market by 2015, that Lange’s between 2.6 and 4 million copies over the counter each quarter. The first reports from the newspaper Business Korea report, however, that the sale of LG G4 will lie less than 2.5 million. copies of 2. quarter of 2015.

This means that at a minimum, must sell LG between 2.8 and 4.8 million copies the remaining two quarters, and it is therefore something of a task when the sale of the first months did not draw to reach the expected.

The estimated low sales figures of LG G4 comes against the background of an operating profit of 1.quarter at 440 million dollars, where it in 2. quarter last year sounded 520 million kroner. It has got all stockbroking companies to scale back expectations for the company’s circulation tremendously prior to publication of the 2. quarterly accounts.

HTC’s top model also sells poorly

It is not only the LG, which are struggling with a pitiful sales of its top model. The same problem has Taiwanese HTC with the top model One M9 that is not selling well enough.

At the same time, the manufacturer had the worst records during the month of april for 6 years, and the stock has not been at a lower level in 10 years.