The Biggest Trends of Tattoo Among the Women in 2017

There is such a thing as tattoo for man and woman, but there is a higher demand or lower for a certain style. Much of this has to do with the influences of fashion, which is opening paths to triumph for women in recent years. Come with me and have a chat really cool about the growing trends in tattooing among women in 2017!

The Biggest Trends of Tattoo Among the Women in 2017 1

There is genre in the tattoo?

I have a tattoo steampunk in the arm, full of gear, things, ways of metal etc. Although most people only praise, always has those 3% of the neanderthals who say: “his tattoos are amazing, very masculine” or “your tattoos are quite different, not are the woman”.

Pear, people, hi?

We will identify the difference between the expressions below with the help of the dictionary:

– Growing trends in tattoo among women in 2017

“Between (prep.): indicates in the middle of multiple things or people”.

– The biggest trends of tattoo for women in 2017

“To (prep.): That determines the designation, classification, and Appropriate.”

It is a matter of semantics: “the biggest trends in tattoo among women in 2017” means to talk about what styles a large number of women walks preferring. But no large part, that is, characterizes the whole.

After not going to say that they have discovered in my text that tattoos small for women. Not to be that person.

A list like this can help women identify with this profile to search for references for your next tattoos. And it is just for this that my post serves the same (plus one reason to speak of a tattoo, which is very cool).

That said, let’s get to what matters.

The Biggest Trends of Tattoo Among the Women in 2017 2

The biggest trends of tattoo among the women in 2017

1) Tattoos minimum

I already told you in this post here, as minimalism is on the rise in the decoration, now I come to say that in tattoos also.

I remember that, some years ago, was considered to be coffee with milk who had no tattoo at least a foot. Now, the largest demand is for tattoos small and those so fine that you don’t even believe in.

Part of this is due to the appreciation of the quality of the work. The art is very popular, the point differential will not be only to have a tattoo, and yes the artistic value of it.

I imagine that you know how much is challenging to make a tattoo with a fine and continuous lines with no gaps. (If you don’t know, keep an eye on the blog that I have plans to explain).

Only the title of the manifesto: I would like that the guys they had less prejudice against tattoos, small and delicate. Is amazing all over the world:

2) Tattoos hyper-realistic

Perhaps for the same reason cited above, the hyper-realism is another of the biggest trends of tattoo among the women in 2017.

This trend is gaining space in the hearts of all, in fact. A few years ago, the fashion prevalent were the tattoos eastern, new and old school.

Increasingly the hyper-realism win space, playing with the darlings tattoos geometric (fashion that follows the firm since last year). Incidentally, this brings us to another trend:

The Biggest Trends of Tattoo Among the Women in 2017 3

3) Fusion of styles: geometric and realistic

Hyper-realistic or geometric? Geometric or organic? Is super trendy now to be the two things at the same time!

Particularly, I love this style of tattoo, although always opt for realism at the time of the “yes, this is my tattoo ideal”. But she is always very clean on the skin, without opening hand of the detailing that plays the artistic quality of the drawing up there.

Not to mention that the geometric shapes of the background make a perfect closure to the drawing which, before, would be “flying” on the skin (like when you did the floor of the bonequinho toothpick in the 4th grade).

Modern, simple, well worked, all at the same time.

4) Tattoos on the hip

As I said up there, I realized that fashion influences greatly on the trends of the tattoo also. The croppeds are with everything, full of the influences of fashion hippie, then the number of bellies to the show increased considerably in recent years.

Perhaps because of this, JonBoy (one of the tattoo artists the most famous of New York) place a bet on the hip tattoo as one of the biggest trends of tattoo among the women in 2017.

(At least that’s what he said on this matter in English here).

I noticed that the fashion also favored the increase of tattoos on the chest and around the breasts (underboob tattoo), however, the expert in question is not quoted anything. Who am I to say that is already a trend? (I feel in my heart that is).

Take a look at these hip tattoos for inspiration:

5) the Words, phrases and letterings

It is not a new style, because it is complicated to talk about something new when it comes to tattoo, a thing that the egyptians did 4000 a. C. However, the style was, and returned with all, featuring some of the new trends of the dash.

For example, people always wrote sentences for the body, but only now we are able to identify the fonts cursive, fluid, such as a real trend.

As well as the famous “old typewriter“:

And, of course, let us not forget the letterings, which are jumping of the frames on the wall straight to the skin with a delicacy impressive:

These tattoos are written they take a lot of wave in trends that we observed: fine features, delicate, fluid, continuous, that demonstrate technical quality in addition to the pure need to express personality. So, if you want to have a tattoo of one of the styles above, if the league in these final tips:

  • Seek many references. The Pinterest is there to this
  • Seek, ask, strive to find a good professional
  • Before you choose the tattoo artist, to analyze critically the work of it. Have pictures of tattoos with the same dash that you want? This trait is of the thickness you want? Is firm, solid, fluid or jittery, and with failures?
  • Think about the cost x benefit. If you opt for a professional who is not specialized in the dash that you want, but it is cheaper, remember that a tattoo is forever. Sometimes, it is better to add more money and go straight in that you trust, or you may end up spending more money later to cover.

And then, do you have any style that you like and want to see here? Have any tattoo way to show? Enjoyed the tips? If yes, comment here and share for friends to see!

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