The Agreement Microsoft-Nokia in Bag: Some Are Up, Others Down

The news of the acquisition of the mobile division of Nokia from Microsoft will have a handful of side effects, but the first already has been seen in the field of the stock quotes of both companies.

Investors in both companies have given its opinion on this agreement, and have done so in a tacit form: with orders of purchase and sale of shares in Microsoft and Nokia that you have led to that significant movements in this area there are.
In fact, after the news the actions of Nokia grew a stunning 47%, from the 2.96 euros on the day before to 4.36 euros following the announcement.

In the case of Microsoft, the trend was precisely the opposite: It seems that the Redmond company investors not see with good eyes the acquisition, since the shares fell 5.2% to situare in 31,75 dollars.

A hard road ahead for Microsoft

The economic data of the agreement make it clear that Microsoft has a daunting task ahead: will have to assume new 32,000 employees, while Nokia will reduce its workforce in 24,000 people, something that certainly will cut costs dramatically.

Of course, will have to see how defend Nokia – with the reduced part of business that will be him – and Microsoft, which aims to triple the share of Windows Phone in 2018 and exceed 15% in the market of smartphones. For the time being Microsoft investors don’t seem very convinced.