The 3r Scouts Camps

Many groups are enjoying their summer camp and many also will others in recent months. They will be a few days of fun and learning in nature, as we like to the scouts.

Therefore, today we speak of the 3 R rule. And they mean those three Rs? Reduce, reuse and recycle. An environmental premise that will help us to throw less waste, to reduce pollution, even to save. Ultimately, three easy steps that will allow us to care for our planet a little better.

Let’s see them one to one.

Reduce: the first step to take care of our planet is to reduce consumption of certain resources, such as e.g. water, electricity, etc.

Sure, that at home you’re already following any of these techniques, but how we can apply it to the camps? Very simple.

  • Water: closing the tap while you wash your teeth, you enjabones flatware. Do the same at the time of the shower. In addition, we recommend using biodegradable gel and shampoo.
  • Camp shopping: trying to buy products that do not have an excess of packaging and if possible in bulk. Also reduce plastic bags for example using cloth bags. We are scouts and have lots of ideas and resources. We can even make a workshop of bags from old t-shirts.
  • Energy: Use electricity (if you have) properly and responsibly. Another good way to reduce energy expenditure is to use solar chargers for our mobile and other devices. The batteries are big pollutants and can reduce your use to Dynamo flashlights and lamps with another type of load, as for example the solar.

Reuse: Perhaps most importantly to reuse to recycle, since we lengthen the life of the products that we consume and also avoid chemical elements requiring the recycling process. Here is where most has the imagination of a scout. Imagine all the workshops that we can do. From stands for mobile with shampoo bottles, through portfolio with bricks from milk to flowerpots with bottles of plastic.

Recycling: The 3 R’s better known process, but must be the last since our action will be more effective if previously we reduce and reuse. At Camp I remember:

  • Have several buckets for waste. Organic, paper, plastics and glass. Separated for recycling.
  • Talk to the municipality of your camp for the management of such waste.
  • Recycle playing. You can make recycled paper and even SOAP with used oil.

Here are some tips to take care of the environment, take them into account and remember that the scout “tries to leave the world in a better position of how found it”,