The 10 longest rivers in Germany

More than 70.7% of the earth is covered with water, only about 29% of the earth’s surface is called land area. Rivers also make a large contribution to this coverage. The rivers in Germany alone make up a gigantic total length. You can read about the ten longest rivers in Germany below!

10th place of the longest rivers: The Havel

With a total length of 325 km, the Havel takes tenth place in the ranking of the longest rivers in Germany. With the source point in Neustrelitz, the Havel flows, unlike other rivers, away from the sea and from north to south.

9th place in the ranking: Neckar

The Neckar is one of the fewest rivers to have a masculine name. With a length of 367 km and the source in the Black Forest, Neckar takes 9th place in the ranking.

Number 8 on the longest rivers in Germany: the Ems

With a length of 371 km, Ems occupies 8 of the longest rivers in Germany. The Ems flows in northwestern Germany and originates in Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock in the Senne. The name Ems is derived from the Indo-European-old European word “Tamesis” and means “dark river”.

The Spree ranks 7th in Germany’s longest rivers

The Berlin band SEEED sang over the river Spree, which flows in Berlin. The Spree is 382 km long and flows through Saxony, Brandenburg and Berlin.

6th place: The Saale

The Saale, a tributary of the Elbe, is 413 km long and flows through Thuringia to Barby, where it flows into the Elbe. The Spree originates in the Fichtelgebirge.

Halftime and 5th place: The Main.

As a tributary of the Rhine, the Main has a total length of 524 km. With the source in the Bavarian Fichtelgebirge, the Main flows through Frankfurt and then flows into the Rhine.

Number 4: The Danube

With a total length of 2888 km, the Danube flows into the Black Sea. But since only 647 km flow on German soil, the Danube is only the fourth longest river in Germany.

3rd place of the longest rivers in Germany: The Elbe

Every year thousands of visitors flock to the beautiful cities of Dresden and Hamburg on the Elbe, which flows through these two cities with a length of 727 km. The Elbe itself rises in the Czech Giant Mountains.

Number 2 of the longest rivers that flow through Germany: the Weser

Not only that a well-known football stadium is located directly on this river and is named after it, with a length of 744 km, the Weser also ranks second in the ranking for the longest river in Germany. Before the Weser flows into the North Sea, it flows through the Thuringian Forest.

Number 1 of the longest rivers in Germany: the Rhine

With a length of 865 km, the Rhine is definitely the longest river in Germany. The Rhine itself originates in the Swiss Alps and flows into the North Sea.

the Rhine