Telenor Will Make Your Home into a Small “Cell Tower”

Telenor is working on a new technology called Voice over WiFi, so then you can make calls directly over the WiFi connection at home with poor mobile coverage.

Telenor is working on a new technology called Voice over WiFi, so you can make phone calls through your WiFi connection at home.

Your router at home may very well be transformed to a small “cell tower”, when Telenor’s trials with the såkalfte Voice over WiFi realized during 2015.

The concept behind the new technology is that you can use your WiFi router at home to make calls through with your smartphone. It proves especially useful in homes where network coverage from mobile masts not rows.

Telenor writes that signals from mobile masts in spite of better technologies and better coverage gets harder and harder to penetrate buildings, because, for example, the use of energy-efficient Windows. They leave, according to a Swedish study only 0.1% of the signal penetrate, which results in poor or no coverage at all. By concrete walls are only 1-10% of mobile signal reaching your smartphone.

Therefore, Voice over WiFi, or calls over WiFi, also make up the known problem with, that there is no coverage in dense new constructions or farther out in the country. With a broadband connection can, however, ensure the talks despite the bad Telenor coverage in crystal clear quality.

Test of the technology in time

That is why Telenor in full swing with to test the new technology in practice in a network lab in Aalborg, before it rolls out on a yet unknown date in 2015. A challenge is among other things to get the technology to play along with customers who use wide band from other suppliers. Subsequently implemented Voice over WiFi in addition to a number of test customers to ensure that everything is running according to plan.

A prerequisite for being able to make calls over your WiFi connection is also that the smart phone supports the technology. Fortunately, it is something that can be solved by a software update, and therefore hope that it will happen in Telenor, a nearer future. A third of Telenor’s customers have smartphones, who should be able to be updated with technology.

Conversations on 4 g network

Together with Voice over WiFi will Telenor also make use of Voice over LTE, or VoLTE, which allows calling over 4 g network.

Phone calls going on right now on the 2 g network, while the 4 g the masts used only for data. The advantage of letting the 4 g connection taken over the call with Voice over LTE is that the conversation completely unnoticed can be moved between WiFi and 4 g depending on where you are staying.