Telecommunications Companies Rearms Network to This Year’s Festivals

By the end of the big festivals such as Roskilde Festival and Tinderbox meetings meetings of the telecommunications organizations joining up with extra cell towers to ensure solid coverage.

The big festivals in Denmark is just around the corner, and tradition makes the Danish telecommunications companies to provide good coverage for the many customers who make short term around the country.

Telia reminder out with the big arsenal of mobile master, who must provide coverage by area around Horseshow square in conjunction with Roskilde Festival. It brings together more than 100,000 festival guests from Sunday 28. June.

This means an enormous increase of data usage and, not least, the number of calls and SMS-messages from the many smartphones. Therefore sets out Telia all 4 cell towers around Roskilde Festival to complement the 8 existing master, which is a new record for the phone company.

“We know that guests at the weeklong festival very much appreciate being able to exploit the full potential of their smartphone. Roskilde Festival is packed with experiences, we’d like to share with his friends, and therefore each year we put great effort into providing customers the opportunity to be online, ringing and texting. This year we record with all four extra master, as we run out to the Festival for guests ‘ enjoyment, “ says Henrik K, technical director of Telia.

3 ready for Tinderbox in Odense

The new festival in Odense, Tinderbox, attracts also many festival guests. Therefore, rearms phone company 3 also its network when the Festival kicks off on Friday the 26th. June.

Up to 25,000 music happy customers in the three days, as the Festival is on, there will also be a marked increase of mobile usage in the area.

3 ensures that you can continue to call friends and acquaintances and upload photos on Facebook during the concerts are going to run an extra cell tower in Tusindårsskoven. With this cell tower, which both ensures 2 g, 3 g and 4 g, you can surf loose as you wont normally.

“We take pride in delivering the best mobile experience to our customers, whether they are at the festival, abroad or at home in your own backyard. And we know that they are great consumers of data, and to the streamer loose on their mobile phones, which are getting bigger and bigger screens. It is all in all with the increasingly challenging our network when far more users than normal at the same time, occupies a smaller area. Therefore the reminder we during the summer in addition to a long series of concerts, festivals and events all over the country to make sure there is sufficient extra capacity in the network, “says Kim Christensen, network Director for 3 Denmark.

In addition to the extra cell tower to take the heavy read makes 3 also using its existing master in the area, which is made clear to the Tinderbox. With so-called festival settings will the masts prioritize SMS and calls over the data, so you can always get in touch with people. Data connection can therefore slowed slightly down, when the greats artists are at the scene.