Strategy Analytics: Samsung Messing with 88.4 Million in The Quarter and Huawei Will Steal Third Place to LG

Manufacturers are communicating sales figures of the last quarter – some more transparently than others – and market analysts make bobbin lace to present the information in the best possible way. Interesting to see as a growing market, all the major players improve the figures achieved in the same quarter of last year.

Strategy Analytics puts us on the table something that more or less we knew: the stranglehold of Samsung in market shares, with Apple in a strong second position. In the competitive struggle for third place we run a very powerful Huawei, LG above.

According to analysts, the Chinese company would have gone to 12.7 million units sold in the three months, still far from the 88.4 million Samsung, or 33.8 million Apple with their iPhones. Nine million correspond to iPhone 5S and 5 c, but will have more impact in the next quarter.

Samsung is freehold, with an annual growth of 55%. The range is extensive, and operates at all levels, especially if we talk about the Galaxy last name, despite criticisms that have appeared on the S4. We have little doubt now that family feel, and the Galaxy affordable are sold like hotcakes.

Be strong in China is to be globally

Much of blame for the success of Huawei is in models like the Huawei Ascend P6, or the G610 in China, offering much for little. In the case of the first model, specifications and quality in its preparation. Huawei needs to improve in Europe, and put the leg of some form in United States.

LG either has had a bad quarter, with sales of 12 million units, which makes it stay with a market share of 5%, similar to Huawei, and Lenovo hot on his heels. LG has been strong in Europe, but should improve in China and India if you really want to grow significantly.

As we said, Lenovo is there in a position close to the top 3, as each quarter. This time with 10.8 million units sold, and the possibility of expanding markets such as the European or American, but for now prefers to remain important in their home country, or in India.

We don’t see ZTE in the top five – their goal is to be third-, but we think that it will not walk far from Lenovo, and every day seems more important to be strong in China, with sales that are harvested there, a globally important market share – can be another thing are the benefits. That it is to say Huawei or Lenovo.

The Smartphone market has annually grown by 45%, reaching the figure of 251 million units in a quarter (never he had spent 250 million). Samsung 35% of that cake is eaten, and the rest of important – by removing Apple players – find hard to reach 5%. Of every ten phones that are sold, six can be considered smartphones.

The smart phone industry grows with the demand for devices with LTE in regions like USA or Europe, or connectivity connectivity 3G in emerging markets as the Chinese.