Sights of Madeira, Portugal

The island of Madeirais located in the Atlantic Ocean about 1000 kilometers off the coast of Portugal. Like the Azores, Madeira is a region of Portugal. Due to its beautiful nature with many exotic flowers, Madeira is especially attractive to hiking and nature lovers. The world famous canary can be found here in the wild. Because the island has virtually no beach and there is a lot of rugged coast, you will not find mass tourism here. Madeira is also the island of the wine of the same name. It is the only place in the world where this fortified wine may be produced and may bear the name Madeira wine. Those who visit Madeira will do so mainly for the beautiful nature.

Top 10 sights of Madeira

#1. Funchal
According to youremailverifier, the largest city in Madeira is Funchal. The city has many attractions in the form of botanical gardens, parks and historic buildings. The Palace of São Lourenço and the Sé do Funchal are among the top attractions. Furthermore, there are cable cars to various destinations. One of the most beautiful destinations to visit by cable car is the Madeira Botanical Gardens. More than 2500 exotic flowers and plants can be found on an area of ​​35,000m². There is a park with various exotic birds such as lovebirds and parakeets. The beautiful Santa Catarina park is perfect for a day of enjoyment with a book on a bench or under a tree with a beautiful view over the bay of Funchal.

#2. Natural
parks It is not surprising that Madeira has quite a few natural parks, given that two thirds of the island is protected. A few parks you can visit are Laurissilva Forest, Garajau’s Natural Reserve, Madeira’s Natural Park and Rocha do Navio’s Natural Reserve.

#3. Rabacal
The place Rabacal is very popular among walkers. Especially because of the 25 water sources that you pass during the walk. The Risco waterfall is also a picture to see. It is a tough walk along narrow paths, steep descents and along deep ravines. There are possibilities to walk shorter routes.

#4. Gardens and Parks
Madeira is also known as ‘Island of Flowers’ or ‘Floating Garden of Europe’. It is not for nothing that there are so many gardens on this beautiful island. Some special gardens that you should not miss are Quinta Magnolia, Jardim Orquidea, Jardim Botanico, Jardin da Quinta do Palheiro Ferreiro, Jardim Municipal and Monte Palace Tropical Garden. There is even a museum in the old center of Funchal with a very impressive garden. This is the Quinta das Cruzes museum, which exhibits beautiful collections of silver and antiques.

#5. Porto Santo
The island of Porto Santo is part of the Madeira region and is also called ‘golden island’. Together with the uninhabited islands of Ilhas Desertas and Ilhas Selvagens, they form the archipelago of the Madeira region. This island is very different from the island of Madeira due to the small amount of vegetation. The island of Madeira again does not have as much beach as Porto Santo. This way they keep each other in balance. Porto Santo has no less than 9 kilometers of “golden” sandy beach in the south. There is sufficient accommodation and many opportunities for sports such as tennis, golf, windsurfing and water sports.

#6. Porto Moniz
The area of ​​Porto Moniz is best known for its natural pools formed in the sea. You will find these baths near the villages of Ribeira do Janela and Achadas da Cruz. There are sufficient facilities for a pleasant day out. There are lifeguards, there is a restaurant, a playground and shower facilities. Even if you only want to visit the baths without swimming, it is still worth seeing this unique location.

#7. Praia Formosa
The pebble beach of Praia Formosa is the largest public beach in Madeira, which is located approximately 10 minutes drive from the center of Funchal. It consists of several small pebble beaches and one larger one. There are various facilities such as parking spaces, changing rooms, lifeguards, playground, eateries and various (water) sports activities. A long pedestrian promenade runs along the beach.

#8. Marcado dos Lavradores
The largest market in Madeira’s capital Funchal is the ‘Marcado dos Lavradores’. In addition to all kinds of fresh vegetables and delicious fruit, all other regional products of the region are offered here. Of course, the offer of the symbol of Madeira is not lacking in this market. This is the bird of paradise plant ‘Strelitzia’. Most striking are the ladies behind the market stalls, these are the often traditional ‘flower girls’ of Madeira.

#9. Santana
The village of Santana is located north of Funchal. This village is best known for its lovely triangular thatched cottages. They are often painted white with red doors and shutters and blue window frames. Some are open to the public. The Madeira Theme Park is located nearby and there are several walking routes to follow.

#10. The caves of São Vicente Caves
With a walk of about thirty minutes you can visit the volcanic caves of São Vicente Caves. The caves are the result of a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago. There is a small museum attached to these caves and some information is provided through a 3D movie.

Madeira, Portugal