Save 370 Euro: Allnet Flatrate With Galaxy S7 Edge To The Hammer Price

The tariff allnet flat XL 2016 by Otelo contains a flat rate for calls to all national networks, SMS and Internet. For the latter, there is an inclusive volume of 2.5 gigabytes. Thus the user up to 21.6 megabits per second in the network of Vodafone is on the way. There is no LTE speed. The basic fee is 29,99 Euro per month.

1 gigabyte extra for 5 euro

The contract runs for at least 2 years, the cancellation period is 3 months to the end of the term. A connection fee not required saving mobile. When ordering customers the possibility of optional 1 gigabyte volume for 5 euros per month. This additional option can be monthly to terminate.

Sharp cell phone at a low price

It includes with the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge of one of the current top smartphones on the market. The Android phone is water – and dust-proof, boasts a good camera, fast wireless load and the memory is expandable. The main distinguishing feature is the curved edge of the display with its mini-apps and info Windows. Currently it is number 1 of the leaderboard by Our site. The version with 32 gigabytes of memory sets savings mobile once 49 Euro at a killer price.

For sale: Otelo allnet flat XL 2016 with Samsung Galaxy S7 edge spar with the phone

Save nearly 370 euro

The allnet flat classic Otelo a similar tariff offers, which comes even to 3 gigabytes included volume. However this will cost 10 euros together with the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge more per month, plus a one-time payment of 178,99 euros. Total pay nearly 370 euros more than in saving mobile customers at Otelo.