Samsung Wants to Rely Completely on Tizen

Tizen – operating system located for many years in development, is to be found so far but only on a few devices. Besides the current smart tvs from Samsung, this includes also Smartwatches, as well as some few smartphones of the South Koreans. Most of the Group’s mobile phones are equipped with Android. But that may soon change: because as an unspecified Samsung Manager the Korea times allegedly betrayed, the company wants to deliver in the future all his devices of also smartphones with Tizen. It aims to reduce the dependency of Google and its mobile operating system. If you have no own eco system, then you have no future, so the Manager over the newspaper.
Samsung Z: Of smartphone with Tizen

Competition from China

In the Empire of the Android Samsung fear competition from China as Xiaomi, Meizu & co., gained more market share in recent years. The number 3 in the Smartphone market, Huawei, was recently announced, compete for the top spot in the market in the next few years Samsung to want.


The Manager but also admits that Samsung is late in the development of their own content and an own ecosystem. In his opinion the group improved in this regard but more and more. A chance for Tizen sees employee among others in the fact that it has changed the market over the past years: away from the focus on the end-users to use of the equipment in the Division.

Tizen 64 million smartphones sold

As example of a success with Tizen calls the Manager India: Samsung’s smartphones Tizen of the Z-series are popular with Indian consumers. According to the employees, the Group sold there in the first quarter of 2016 there around 64 million phones. That is, has proven its competitiveness Tizen, added the Manager. As another market for Tizen, Samsung is Korea times Russia according to the target. The report does not call when Tizen smartphones appear officially in Germany.

Can Android TV, Tizen, webos & co.

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