Samsung Gear 360: VR Camera for Immersive 360 Degree Videos in the Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

The spherical Samsung gear 360 (SM-C200) takes fascinating 360-degree panoramas, where the Viewer on the Smartphone, on the PC, or even better with a VR glasses themselves can choose the viewing direction. So it feels really right into the action. That the images beyond quickly blurred look of the small smartphone display and a seam between views is visible to the front and look back, don’t mind given the exciting virtual-reality effect. Until the images are visible but with a Samsung VR glasses, some fumbling is necessary. Best price on the Internet: 197,00 Euro * Pro photos and movies order this product at Amazon with great Middle effect for this class relatively good image quality, good interaction between camera and Galaxy Smartphone video-editing software for PC with contra films just fiddly goggles app transferable runs fast hot Zickt satisfactory with some memory cards mark of the editorial 2.62 user rating now VR cameras evaluate? These are but the futuristic devices such as Samsung’s project beyond, Nokia’s Ozo or gopros Odyssey. These cameras record equal to its surroundings with a whole arsenal of lenses. The audience is then not bound in a direction, but formally enters the full movies. That means short, VR virtual reality. For mortals, the listed cameras are but too expensive, too complex, or both. Samsung’s new camera gear 360, however, includes the Kodak pixpro 360 and the 360fly to the first VR cameras for Otto-normal film-makers.

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With the Samsung gear 360, 360-degree video in the blink of an eye can be record. How good is the quality and handling, the test shows. Samsung gear 360 in the test: Is the bullet camera all-round good? Special: all about virtual reality

front and rear the Samsung gear takes up with two fisheye lenses 360 photos and videos with a 360-degree perspective. To play the videos on the Smartphones Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, the viewer can choose his own perspective: either one moves with the Smartphone so that the displayed direction is correct. Or one wipes on the display to the right, left, up and down, right to the perspective. He faces the driver in the face or the camera for example on the MTB-flat bar was mounted, the viewer has the choice between the drivers perspective, a looking right or left on the passing scenery. For mounting, the Samsung has a tripod mount. A small table tripod is not included, otherwise unfortunately. Naked, the camera against dust and splash water is protected, in future, there will be also an underwater housing (price TBD).

Samsung gear 360: can the VR camera

So the gear 360 works

Three buttons (menu, recording, switch) is enough to control the basic functions. A tiny, but pretty easy to read display help. For the any preferences you coupled the gear 360 better the same app on a compatible Galaxy Smartphone (S6 or S7) both products keep with next to each other, thanks to NFC both are then quickly connected. In the app you can select for example the resolution of 360-degree videos between 1920 x 960 and 3840 x 1920 in four stages. So is the Samsung compared to competing cameras. Alternatively, a normal action-cam mode with the anterior or posterior lens is then possible, with up to 2560 x 1440 resolution. All photos are great depending on the setting up to 7776 x 3888 pixels. Ambitious users can adjust even the white balance of the camera in the app, choose the light sensitivity (ISO) and much more. The camera stores pictures on microsd cards. But be careful: because the camera at the same time with their two lenses saves two movies in high resolution, fast memory cards are required. Sure deal with cards of tempo class U3, slower U1 in the test led to the part about error messages. The camera’s built-in battery is rechargeable via micro-USB socket, in the test he gave 100 minutes.

First frickeln, then immersion in VR-videos

Playback app either via Wi-Fi out of the camera, or to upload the photos and movies via Wi-Fi on the Smartphone. That worked well, many times over the season lasted but when videos. Good: The 360-degree videos are just as complete files on the memory card, eliminates the tedious concatenating (stitching) as such at the Kodak pixpro 360. Who wants to watch the videos not only on the Smartphone, can upload to Facebook and youtube. Advantage: Where everyone can see the VR videos via computer or youtube app. Good to know: the youtube app also offers a playback mode for simple VR glasses like Google cardboard. Who uploads videos to youtube, is bound for the VR experience so not on the Samsung glasses. And don’t worry: when you upload videos can also be used when classifying non-public.

Video on the subject

With the Samsung gear 360, 360-degree video in the blink of an eye can be record. How good is the quality and handling, the test shows. Samsung gear 360 in the test: Is the bullet camera all-round good?

Oculus app: the way to own VR video

Most impressive 360-degree videos homemade look but with a VR glasses. The way that time is however cumbersome: first the oculus app is required on the Smartphone in addition. Oculus is a pioneer among the manufacturers of VR goggles and helped develop of the gear VR glasses Samsung. In the oculus app, the user must login, then he can upload their own videos and then retrieve my videos in the library at oculus video. But be careful: the oculus app correctly interpreted the Samsung videos as a 360-degree video, the video files need the extension _360 can be easily done on the PC, but annoying and looks unausgereift. The videos can be also roughly cut in the app. Who wants to properly directing in his videos and even after music, finds included a license key for the action Director software from cyberlink (normal price 50 euro).

With Samsung: gripping impressions

The visual impression on the Smartphone display is outstanding: the colors are crisp, the focus right. With the VR glasses that looks slightly different. Because each eye has only a part of the camera and display resolution available, edges in the image are somewhat unclear and the sharpness is only moderate. Blocks in space also testifies to heavy data reduction. However: 360-degree cameras cut in principle worse than conventional action cams. Compared to the competitors about Kodak and 360fly, the Samsung delivers the best quality. However, the seam between two lenses was visible depending on the motif in the photos and videos of the Samsung. The 360fly does not know this problem with their single lens, but does not look down, and has the pixeligere image. Much more important than the pixel-level comparisons: Look around in the film scenes with the gear 360 is fascinating. Outweigh the feeling of being right in the Middle the deficiencies in the image quality.

Conclusion: Samsung gear 360

The Samsung gear 360 delivers spectacular, immersive VR video literally dive into the audience especially with VR goggles. The operation with two apps and some hacking tricks is something tedious and the image quality is not the level of current action cams. These vulnerabilities quickly recede into the background if you work on the images. More serious, that the gear of 360 has only been at least with current Galaxy smartphones works together. Who would like to use a different Smartphone, finds an interesting and uncomplicated alternative for example in the 360fly.

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