Religion in Samoa


In 2019, the country’s natural population increase was estimated at 2.2 percent per year. However, actual population growth was −0.2 percent, since emigration to primarily New Zealand, American Samoa and the United States was extensive.

About 115,000 of the population live on Upolu, and the settlements are almost exclusively along the coast. The only city in Samoa is Apia, with 35,800 residents (2012).

According to Countryaah data, about 88 percent of residents are Polynesians; 10 percent are of European-Polynesian descent (“Euronesian”) and the remainder are mixed.

People in Samoa


According to thesciencetutor, Samoan and English are official languages. The majority of the population speak Samoan.

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Christianity is an integral part of Samoan society and its rich culture. The churches comprise 100% of the population with the Congregational Christian Church in Samoa being the largest with 43%. In the 1830s it was introduced by legendary sailor John Williams and missionaries from Tahiti, while Methodism, comprising 17% (1999), came through tongues. In addition to some smaller churches, there are 21% Roman Catholics and 10% Mormons. The Samoa Council of Churches plays an important role in the joint work.

Samoa Religion