Rumors about a Possible Incursion of Facebook Back in Mobile Telephony with Own Terminal

Once again, it seems that the rumors about a possible Facebook phone again circulating the net. But this time, we do not mean to terminals that provide outstanding integration with social network, even with buttons dedicated to access to it, such as the cases of the HTC Salsa and ChaCha (HTC ChaChaCha in Spain) or the Motorola Motokey Social. It seems that this time everything points to the first smartphone marketed under their own brand name Facebook, whose manufacture would be HTC.

Despite the good impressions caused in the last Mobile World Congress with its new family of smartphones HTC One, the Taiwanese company has failed to recover the prestige of manufacturer of first order, which would lead to the brand to collaborate directly with Google in the development of the first phones equipped with Android platform. A position which is now Samsung.

HTC seems to want to get back on track and, in addition to launching its own range of products, returning to his role as manufacturer of high volume for third parties , with another intention that does not extend beyond that the of clean up their accounts, at the time that tries to regain some of the popularity that he earned with this same line of business providing brands such as HP.

According to the first rumors, the device with the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg, to mark It would reach the market sometime in the third quarter of the present 2012, It would furnish a version of Android still not specified, using an exclusive platform to integrate all functions available via Facebook.