Rumor: Apple Working on Making Home-Button Virtual

Apple is working to eliminate the physical Home button at the bottom of the iPhones for instead of replacing the entire surface with the display and embed the button in it.

Apple’s Home-button located below the screen on the iPhones do, that it is a relatively small percentage of the surface consisting of real screen, but it works the Californian giant apparently to do something about.

A rumor from DigiTimes sounds, in fact, that Apple will scrap the physical Home button and instead implement it as a kind of virtual button. It happens with a component that has the display panel and the pressure-sensitive layers embedded in a part.

The display panel will take up a large portion of the space on the front-even where the current Home-button fills.

It is not clear exactly how the implementation works in more detail and how, iOS operating system must handle the big change in the way to navigate. From DigiTimes says:

“Apple develops internally on solutions for its iPhones with integration of touch element and display panel into a single chip (TDDI). The chip will also come with an integrated fingerprint reader. The integrated design will fit into future iPhone-designs-models with the ultra-thin and untrasmalle screens and with an entire plant design that eliminates the Home button “.

The German media, Computer bild, has given the designer, Martin Hajek, free rein to interpret the idea and make a series of concept images for how such a virtual Home-button can take it out.

Martin Hajek is also the designer behind the popular collection of concept photos of HTC One M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6 held up against iPhone 6, just as he also has created concept images of the iPhone 6, before it became a reality.