Raviere Studio Creates Visual Identity and Stationery with Retro Inspiration

Recently, the Universe Retro celebrated the 1 year anniversary of the project in a super party at the Rockerama Clubin São Paulo. Country-themed, the Honky-tonk Party brought the world of vintage western readers, friends and partners of the site, in parallel to the launch of a collection of decorative products inspired by the Pin-ups Cowgirls, that soon will be available in the new store.

In addition to the bands The Hicks, Ton White and Rooster of The Rising Sun, disco vinyl DJ Wagnão, burlesque performance western of Aurora D ´ Vine and contest of the Best Vintage Look Western, the event included details that made the night even more memorable. And that’s where the Raviere Studio, a visual identity and stationery for creative parties.

Since 2013, were they responsible for Retro Universe event stationery such as toppers of the burgers, which appeared with lyrics country; cards of thanks for coming, that were distributed at the end of the party; letter accompanying the kit of the award; posters with information and with the prices of the products for sale and plug with the names of the competitors the best look western.

“Certainly the Raviere work made all the difference in our party. They managed to capture the visual identity of the event, which featured Pin-up illustration of Aline Lacroc and Ariadne Rodrigues, artwork and transform the material into unique pieces and totally unusual. We believe too that the strength of the details makes people remember us. Just order a burger and a phrase from your favorite song to come along? “, believes Alberto Alves, Director of Retro Universe.

According to the Lais Rodrigues and members Natalia Xavier, “for a good party there is only need three things: people who care, good food and decorating touches that bring the personality of the event and the host. The motto is “humanizing, become intimate, do less things to English view and more things that express your style.” So, offer custom designs, the largest do-it-yourself style, and ready, to express the creativity of entrepreneurs.

In your portfolio are weddings, weddings, birthdays, corporate events, children’s parties and teas. Are invitations, packaging, greeting cards, posters, among other pieces on paper that can be totally unique. For those who like the retro, the company is a great option, since references are not lacking in their vintage materials. The new collection, available in store, inspired by the country diva Loretta Lynn.