Poll: Germans Want Fewer Cell Phone Models

What’s too much is too much: according to a recent survey, the majority of citizens of think that there should be less new phone models is. Many feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount that would like a clearer smartphone market.

Survey of Greenpeace

The opinion Research Institute Ipsos MORI polled the citizens on behalf of Greenpeace to the high fluctuation in the Smartphone market. Therefore, 69 percent of those polled saying approved manufacturers bring out every year too many new models. Measly 14 percent facing this number, buy a new cell phone according to own statements immediately, as soon as it comes in stores.

Ex-and-hop mentality

Greenpeace had given the survey in order because many environmentalists criticize the wasteful with mobile phones. So, consumers replace products quickly with new, even if the devices worked properly. According to the survey, a new smartphone would buy more than half of Germans (55 percent), although your old machine is still running. Only 11 percent of those between 16 and 70 years could ever repair a broken cell phone by the manufacturer. And sell the old? Made just 9 percent.

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The most important new devices

To short life

A major problem was the too short life cycle of mobile phones according to environmental activists. Consumer advocates long assume that manufacturers their devices so build that hold long and require durable smartphones. The speed with which the manufacturers bring new models on the market with technological progress cannot be justified, either criticised the chemistry expert at Greenpeace, Manfred Santen. The manufacturer must smartphones in the future to design, that they can easily be repaired.

Not enough recycling

Although valuable and rare metals such as cobalt and Palladium stuck inside, smartphones are rarely recycled. According to Manfred Santen unnecessarily fast product cycles cause massive environmental damage in the manufacture and disposal.