Point to Your Appointment with The Elegance, Is with Us Already The Massimo Dutti Lookbook

The catalan model, Oriol Elcacho, It is chosen to fulfill the difficult task to relieve the English David Gandy in the lookbook firm Inditex Massimo Dutti He has prepared for this month of may.

Making use of the Spanish proverb that says that of ‘ forty may not remove you the sayo´, present us with a series of well sheltered sets that remind us that in the fifth month of the year is still Spring and weather can play tricks to us. However, the gentleman will also find a series of sets that take note of face to the next summer. We started!

For this new lookbook, Massimo Dutti back to show us his sport American cotton and linen pockets without flaps, fabrics and decorative in the notch button in herringbone or houndstooth. In ringtones Beige, tie and American, combine swimmingly with the carey chosen to decorate the rods an Oval sunglasses.

The leather goods, indispensable pillar of the firm, always present in their accessories such as belts, watches, or travel bags. This game of Brown and Beige, will arrive to complete the whole soft colors as the Yellow the pants and shirt white cake.

The days of spring are completed with a napa jacket camel with raised seams and a jacket ‘ field´. Highlights in Beige leather water-resistant status and suitability for the known safari looks.

The Blue and its wide range of hues are the real hit of the summer. As you can see, among them alone suffice to create interesting sets to get through the front door to the summer.

Fabulous are the two American, one with vertical stripes and one with contrast on the lapel buttonhole. Interesting is the combination of Turquoise polo in the last image. By the way, you can take a handkerchief, a sunglasses or both, but you can never think to leave empty the Top Pocket your jacket.

We ended with a more summery look of high contrast black & white. We are in accordance with the white pants Since it is a real must for season, but… what you think the pole? To me this set, not just convince me at all. Perhaps by excessive overlap between pants, belt, polo and baby black and white.

Massimo Dutti Goodbye to spring Recycle some clothes already used successfully in previous lookbooks and special collections such as ‘ NYC Limited Edition´. While David Gandy had set the bar high, Oriol Elcacho It meets and wears these clothes with note.

In general, I think being a lookbook enough discreet with few surprises but that works perfectly as a bridge to welcome to the summer in your next catalog of June. We, as always, will be expectant.