Orange Focuses The Attention of The Reguradores by The Purchase of Simyo and Irregularities with Portability

Virtually no operator gets rid of the complaints and penalties that apply the regulators to the mobile operators in Spain for failing to meet the standards that they ensure the competitiveness of the market and the protection of consumers against potential abuses, but it is not so usual seeing that an operator as Orange it accumulates the attention of major regulators for different issues.

On the one hand to the CNC in competition on the purchase of KPN and, on the other hand, to the CMT investigating irregularities in the portability Orange and its MVNO.

The sale of KPN should have been notified before

Although the purchase of Simyo by Orange was licensed in first phase for the CNC on February 13, 2013, the regulator has decided Open sanctioning record Orange by executing a concentration of such operation before reporting it and do it with two weeks of delay since it ran on December 14.

For the resolution of the file it will still take six months and will be from then on when we will know if there is some element that Orange will be eventually sanctioned this issue.

Orange and its alleged MVNOs to interfere to prevent that Vodafone contraofertara the portability

Are above all the MVNO which take more time complaining about how aggressive methods of retention of traditional operators who apply when one of his clients requests portability to another operator harms the costs that involves the processing of portability that on many occasions, is requested with the sole intention to receive a counteroffer from the current operator , what would harm a “healthy” competition to encourage that only a few benefit from the best deals.

But now they are the MVNOS operating under network of Orange and the own Orange which, against the establishment, would have allegedly interfered in the normal operation during the porting process preventing the freedom of choice of the user If you expect a counter-offer that if well is not required, if you must allow portability cancellation effectively.

Así, Orange MVNO’s such as Jazztel, Simyo, MÁSMOVIL, Happy mobile, Carrefour and day would have allegedly fraudulently concealed the date and real time in which users requested portability throughout the month of July 2012 to accumulate them intentionally and processing at the Central node at specific times of the day so that Vodafone not could counter or cancel the portability If the client changed mind.

After several attempts the CMT so these operators provide portability applications required and the inability of these to prove it by delivering documents that should keep for at least five years, the controller implies a “alleged breach” of the obligation of possession of applications besides by irregularities at the time of processing of applications.

It is therefore a administrative sanction that can be qualified as very serious Although resolution still will have to wait quite because there is a maximum period of one year for the operators demonstrate documentation on the rule and the term of allegations will not have lasting less than one month.