Operators Putting Pressure on RIM to Pay Less for Connection Services

Skinny dog fleas are all. Gets the month of July and on the sales. That is why operators having BlackBerry connection services are putting pressure on RIM in order to achieve cheaper rates that Canadians come to the mobile companies for access to your BES and BIS server infrastructure.

If few financial problems confronting to the Waterloo in recent months, phone companies launch a torpedo on the waterline. The rates that RIM has an impact on them generate more than 4,000 billion dollars annually (about 3,200 million euros), which could mean a hard blow to one of its main sources of income.

After the remarkable loss of share sale of terminals, services sector was the only one who could save critical accounts of results which, according to what happened, could see reduced revenue by 17% this year and another 18% by 2014, falling to 2,800 million dollars (2,200 million euros), according to the Northern Securities Company analyst Sammet Kanade.

This reduction would put in serious danger the restructuring of RIM tries to carry out and with which aims to save the 1,000 million dollars would perceive companies operators, which appear to have the Pan by the handle given the dependence that Canadian multinational has generated over the years for the distribution of their devices and services.