OnePlus 2 Revealed 27. July Special Virtual Event

OnePlus promises now revealed, when the top model, OnePlus 2, will be revealed. The whole thing is going to be a unique virtual event on the 27th. July.

  1. generation of OnePlus’ smartphone approaches a product launch, and therefore reveals the company behind now, when and how the top model will be presented and made official.

    In aforum threadconfirms co-founder, Carl Pei, to the date of presentation by the OnePlus 2 is 27. July at 16:00 Danish time.Product launch of the next smartphone from the company will be hardly anything you have seen or experienced before. Since the company is still relatively small and the money is small, going on the presentation not to those of the large, established producers, where the press are invited to a Conference.OnePlus would still break the barrier between themselves and the buyers, and when there is no physical event, the Chinese company will instead make the whole palaver virtual as the very first in the world.

    The concept is quite simple: With a set of virtual reality glasses will be the presentation of the next smartphone streamed so that you literally can stand right next to the OnePlus ‘ team and check the OnePlus 2 out with your virtual glasses, giving a 3D-like effect by displaying a binary image from your smartphone located inside the frames through special lenses.


Make your own free virtual reality glasses

To you about a month can enjoy the presentation in the wild virtual reality-the world as we know it requires a set of glasses for the purpose – about either it is the really cheap cardboard with Google-designed Cardboard or the more expensive as the Oculus Rift.

That is why OnePlus developed its own spectacle, which is based on the new version of Google Cardboard-glasses. It is made of stronger and thicker cardboard, which contributes to a better quality, just as it is also optimized for OnePlus One and smartphones with screens up to 6 “.

Where the original Google Cardboard-glasses cost about 100 dollars and up, choose OnePlus selling its quite free and with a loss, but with a desire to get everyone to experience the presentation of OnePlus 2 in the virtual world next month. For this reason, only freight, you have to pay for the purchase of the frames on the website, when the later is ready.