Now Will Fight for the Line Swipp Give MobilePay

Danske Bank swallows market shares for themselves in the field of mobile payments, but now will be competitive competitor, Swipp with MobilePay-success.

It blazes forth with shops that implement mobile payments, but so far only with MobilePay. The development will be the competitor, Swipp, make up with by passing a series of actions to give Danish Bank and MobilePay battle to the line.

Swipp makes it just as MobilePay, possible to make easy payments between customers of other banks such as Nordea, Jyske Bank and Sydbank, Nykredit, but when it comes to mobile payments in shops have had to see them beaten Alliance Swipp tremendously by MobilePay on, among other things, features and market share.

Therefore, the first step in helping to develop a common app Swipp where technology painlessly can communicate together with the shops in order to implement a mobile payment. Right now the Swipp technology as implemented in each bank’s app, which counts all 72 of its kind.

Next, Swipp also hapse a large part of the Danske Bank’s customers who are likely to use MobilePay.Same tactics using Danske Bank, where all bank customers can avail of MobilePay.

“Our solution is better cheaper for us, for the stores and safer for customers to use when it put in place during the summer,” tells Martin f. Andersen, Director of SWIPP, to

Cheaper transfers with Swipp

Swipp will also make it very competitive in the duty conferred on operators for payments for mobile payment.

With Swipp should only take between 40-60 shops pennies per payment, but Danske Bank takes 1% of the amount for the same – but Max. 5 kroner.

“The stores say that they want the SWIPP-payment in a furious pace. The price is just one benefit, and there are also other advantages of our solution. Value-for-money will be moved immediately. In addition, the stores better security, because in SWIPP is guarantee that your customers have the money, “ he says.

Shops already ready for Swipp

In the many shops that Rema 1000 and Danish supermarket have already implemented MobilePay in, there is installed a box with all connection technologies.

It opens up the possibility that easily can be supported together with Swipp MobilePay, and competition welcomes Chief of business development at Danske Bank, Jesper Nielsen, welcome.

“Rema 1000 and Danish supermarket have a special Mobilepay-payment box, so you can pay by phone, on the way out to all their stores. And many more shopping chains are on the way. There will probably be no shops that want to both solutions, but will conversely be shops that looks critically at the amount of hardware, and who will not have both SWIPP and MobilePay. “