Nokia Puts in The Market Two Million Lumias in The First Quarter

Although the full financial results of Nokia they will be presented on April 19, the Finns have advanced some data, revealing that it is costing them to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Information important, because it is the most important bet Nokia, are sales of phones Windows Phone Lumia, who have been of more than two million in the course of the first quarter.

Finances generated by devices and services do not pass through good time in the company, which is considered as something expected by the period of transition living, but are in a trend positive in regards to Lumia strategy.

The company expects that the profit margin fall by 3% this quarter, and that the second quarter is similar or even worse that this first quarter, considering that still forms part of the transition.

The factors that make you be in a negative moment are the dynamics of an industry so competitive, with sales less on all kinds of phones, especially in markets such as the Middle East, Africa and China.

The estimated revenue shall be of 4,200 million euros, of which 2,300 million are normal mobile phones (71 million units), and 1,700 million for Smartphones (12 million units). Also advances that the average price of sale of Nokia phones is 220 euros.