Muma Bet in Pieces to Organize and Facilitate Makeups

See below for a selection of pieces to make jewelry, costume jewelry, makeup, among so many other pieces arranged:

Organizing tray Step-R $45.00

Part of the line Step, this tray is ideal to be placed over the sink to organize jewelry and small cosmetics and can be used together with the Organizing Box Step for more functionality. Made of durable melamine, is easy to clean and use water and mild detergent. Measures: Length 25 cm x 2, 5 cm Height x width 12, 9 cm

Door Accessories Step-R $50.00

Part of the Step, the Step can be used alone or docked in the tray Step and increase your functionality. Is ideal for organizing small accessories and keep them away from moisture and dust. Manufactured in durable melamine, can be easily cleaned with water and mild detergent. Measures: Length 12, 7 cm x h 7, 1 cm x width 12, 7 cm.

Golden Prism mirror-Design by Sung Wook-R $475.00

The Prism Mirror will give your wall a lot of charm and elegance. Versatile, it can be hung vertically or horizontally and their stems can be used for hanging accessories. In addition, it can serve as a tray in your Dresser, desk or counter! Made of metal with electrostatic painting Golden and mirror. Measures: Length 56, 5 cm x height 42, 5 cm x width 8, 3 cm.

Trinity Accessories tray-Design by Sung Wook-R $63.00

Add a touch to the geometric environment with this tray super swinger. She has 10 divisions, 9 small and larger 1, for you to place jewelry, accessories of Office or other everyday objects. This Organizer is ideal for any environment that needs a little organization, plus add a modern and stylish detail. Made of melamine. Measures: Length 24, 1 cm x 2, 5 cm Height x 24 Width, 1 cm.

Anagram ring holder-copper Rooster Design by Sung Wook-R $45.00Muma Bet in Pieces to Organize and Facilitate Makeups 1

The animal world came to help you organize your rings, earrings and knick-knacks. Celebrate the year of the rooster in the Chinese horoscope with this door-rings! The anagram rings are made of cast zinc with body painted in copper tone. Its base is padded to protect the surface. Measures: Length 5, 1 cm x height 5, 4 cm x width 2, 7 cm.

Organizer purses Pocketa-Design by Alan Wiszniewski-R $82.00

Desempilhe your bags! The organizer of Pocketta Accessories easily accommodates small items such as bags, hats, shoes and scarves while keeping them visible. The Organizer is made of black polyéster with 12 pockets and two metal hooks. Works well in any closet with rod. The flexible design fits the size of your content. Measures: Length 25.4 cm x 135.9 cm Height x width. Flexible up to 45.7 cm.

Accessories Organizer Laurent-R $224.00

Accessories Organizer Laurent came to stay. Having a simple structure and efficient, that item will be your best companion in day-to-day. Ideal for storing makeup, earrings, rings and other jewelry, it can be placed both in the bedroom and in the bathroom and will always leave everything you need at your reach quickly and practice. Measures: Length 28 cm x 12, 5 cm Height x width 20 cm.

Accessories Organizer Poise – Design By Sung Wook-R $110.00

Accessories Organizer Poise is a play that features two open compartments for different items. You can put it on the nightstand, in the bathroom, in the bedroom, in the living room or in the lobby and he will always be there to receive your personal objects and accessories with safety and style! Measurements: 20 cm Length x height 17, 7 cm x width 20 cm.

Jewelry holder Acro-Design by Sung Wook-R $99.00

You’ll love this jewelry holder. With a different proposal, he has a perforated base and 4 removable rods of different heights that can be customized according to your preference and need. In the lower rod, you’ll find several holes to hang all your earrings in a practical way. Necklaces and bracelets can be allocated in any stem, as well as other small business. Manufactured in wood and metal. Measures: Length 12, 7 cm x height 52, 6 cm x 12, 7 cm Width.

Bliss rings holder-R $88.00Muma Bet in Pieces to Organize and Facilitate Makeups 2

The Bliss Rings is an excellent option for those who like color, innovation and modern design and unique. This accessory fits like a glove in diverse environments, fitting very well both on the table or on the nightstand in the bedroom and in the bathroom sink, for you to put your rings before washing your hands. Can still be placed on a shelf or sideboard near the foyer, you keep your hands free as soon as you get home. Measures: 7 Length, 6 cm x h 7, 6 cm x 5, Width 7 cm.

Dressing table/Desk Sense Due – Design By Studio Fool-R $3,937.50

Lightweight and stylish, the desk-dresser Sense Due is modern and contemporary and fits in the most diverse environments. In addition to being a multiple function, the play follows still a mirror with lamp behind, which can be positioned horizontally or vertically, and can you get any more cozy lit environment. Has carbon steel Structure, table top: MDF Lacquered in black and automotive Paint finish in black.

MUMA’s showcase for the creative design and premium
Created in 2014, the brand brings together more than 100 designers

The MUMA, authorial design online shop, brings the signature of emerging and established professionals from around the world. The brand value creator and bet on more than 5000 products, including furniture, housewares and home furnishings, developed by artists such as Edu Bertolai, Humberto da Mata, Natasha Schlobach and Erika Kövesdi, Allan Wisniewski, among other names.

The MUMA was born from the desire to bring the best of design furniture and decorative accessories to Recife. See many customers seeking furniture in Sao Paulo and even in Miami, the architect Matheus Ximenes in 2014 1 Pine decided to open e-commerce that could, in principle, meet the northeastern region and today operates throughout Brazil. The MUMA is responsible for the logistic management of deliveries throughout the country and facilitates that the creator himself send the package. “Our focus is people who enjoy different furniture and objects,” Matheus Ximenes pine.

The curator is performed by a specialized team of architects and designers led by Matheus Ximenes pine, which evaluates proposals for designers, always taking into account the quality of manufacturing and the profile of MUMA.

“Muma wants to serve as a window to showcase the work of emerging and established designers, establishing a close relationship with them,” Matheus Ximenes pine. For this, present their items in the site context, talking about the specifics of the product and the story behind it.Muma Bet in Pieces to Organize and Facilitate Makeups 3