Mobistel Cynus E4: Cheap 4-Inch Smartphone in the Practice Test

Review conclusion: what you should know

The Mobistel Cynus E4 offers the easiest of simplicity: the display will be just fine, the pace is sufficient only for the most basic features, the cameras are useless and there is hardly any space. The battery is although changeable, but much too small for a prolonged operation. Points can the Smartphone with its handy size, low weight, the dual-SIM functionality and the price: 60 euros just once (stand: 14 June 2016) costs the Mobistel Cynus E4. Best price on the Internet: 62.90 euros * per order this product at Amazon light and handy removable battery dual SIM contra little battery capacity slower processor almost no space low cameras assessment the editors sufficient user rating now evaluate the Mobistel Cynus E4 is small and a real lightweight: it weighs barely more than an iphone SE, but slightly larger and considerably thicker than the new Apple Smartphone. At the price of 60 euros (stand: 14 June 2016) hardly surprising: the Cynus E4 is completely made of plastic, looking in vain for an aluminum frame or the like. The front is kept simple and giving away with the large margin under the display in the category space. Also not so nice: The camera on the slightly slippery back protrudes slightly. The Smartphone so not on surfaces lies really flat. The power button and the volume buttons on the right side almost completely flush with the housing and are therefore difficult to locate. The back is detachable and conceals a removable battery and drawers for ever a mini-SIM and a micro-SIM card (dual SIM) as well as a microsd card. The Cynus E4 is well-finished and sits comfortably in the hand.

Practice test: Mobistel Cynus E4

Display for price range right

Mobistel uses a 4-inch screen (10.16 centimeters) in the display of Cynus E4. Despite its small size the resolution (854 x 480 pixels) is not sufficient, because screens have a distinct blur. The screen is bright but not brilliant, the lighting is sufficient but, inside and outside well to detect everything. Besides striking minor defects to cope with when a device in this price range are: the contrast is quite low, that white isn’t right white, colours look dark and dull. The viewing angle of the display vulnerable to fingerprints could also slightly larger.

Tiny battery, almost no disk space

Who intensively uses its Smartphone, could experience a letdown at the Mobistel Cynus E4: low battery capacity of 1,350 mah promises not just a long term. The slightly outdated Android version 5.1 lollipop operates the device. This is problematic given the small internal memory of 4 gigabytes, because the software based on lollipop eating disk space. Remains just once well 1 gigabyte free, the use of a memory card is mandatory. With a microsd card, internal memory to up to 32 gigabytes can extend that is sufficient for most users. The Cynus E4 via Wi-Fi connects older n standard on the 2.4 gigahertz band, as well as via Bluetooth. Fast data connection LTE and NFC does not support the Smartphone.

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In a snail’s pace en route

The Mediatek MT6580 quad-core processor should with a clocking of up to 1.3 ghz ensure everything runs at the Mobistel Cynus E4. 512 megabytes RAM and the graphics unit Mali-400 MP to the page are him. The results of various benchmark tests are far from impressive: Geekbench 3 the Cynus E4 is governed by the Samsung Galaxy S3 knapp, gfxbench can not run even simpler 3D-Grafik-Tests because the memory is not sufficient. Such as asphalt, Nitro jerking graphics-blockbuster to the unplayability. The operating speed is given the affordable price right. If several applications are open at the same time, it is too noticeable delays.

Useless cameras

The main camera of the Mobistel Cynus E4 has 8 Megapixels and take photos of blurry, very noisy and too dark outside. Colors are pale and greenish tinge. The HDR mode provides brighter images with more sophisticated colors, which are but slightly distorted and not to distract from the strong noise. Lacks sharpness and interiors, as well, in terms of brightness and colors fight photos taken indoors but slightly better. Not succeed in sharp detail shots with the camera of Cynus E4. The Frontknipse uses 2 megapixel and terrified Selfie fans with snapshots on which each individual pixel is visible. The Smartphone takes the very back leagues and noisy video with 854 x 480 pixels. Example pictures of the Mobistel Cynus E4 and the photo-comparison device Samsung Galaxy S7, see the article for download.