Mid Season Sales: Asos Offers a Great Selection of Clothes a Half of Price

The giant of online fashion ASOS is possibly the clothing store that has more items available to the client. This is because besides having his own line of clothing and accessories, also working with a multitude of brands with significant presence at the international level.

A large volume of goods have risks as the possible accumulation of stock, why not us strange that ASOs always have a large number of discount parts to avoid large losses. In today’s article, we will know a series of seasonal garments with 50% discount the sea of interesting. Hurry up just!

We started with a purely urban garment virtually timeless: the Denim jacket. Colorless blue, with buttoned closure and flap chest pockets has a discounted rate of 52,52€ €26.26.

Another sure hit is the piece we have on these lines, it is a Rebecca light dot cotton that can be used for informal sets as above but also for other less relaxed and next to the ‘ Casual Friday´. With an easy color matching, its price is 26.26 €13.13.

We continue with ‘ clothing puente´ for the summer and we show this round neck and stamped with horizontal striped jersey type sailor. As we know, the stripes are a basic pattern that found its greater presence during the summer season. White and blue stripes, this sweater costs €32,83 16.41.

And what of the backpacks that we have not already mentioned! These snap-ins experienced its particular time of rebirth and is becoming more common to see them fulfill its role in casual sets exquisite good taste. This combines two of the prints of the season, camouflage and moles, and can be yours by 32,83€ 16.41.

We ended with two shirts printed striped short sleeve. The first, with horizontal orientation, is notable for its contrast of blue and the thickness of its stripes (32,83€ €16.41). The second, less striking, has a pocket with flap and vertical stripes in a single color (30,20€ €15.10). What you think? Are you fans of short-sleeved shirts?

As we have seen, with the exception of the first denim jacket, all discounted items presented an amount less than €20. A quality acceptable and in keeping with the trends, we can’t do another thing I applaud offers as the which brings ASOs this time. I hope that you find your particular bargain!