Microsoft Might Be Interested in Invest 3,500 Million Dollars in RIM

RIM not going through their best time. Sales do not accompany and the Canadian company continues to lose ground while other manufacturers continue to rise. Every time there is less interest in the Blackberry, although there are those who remain faithful to these terminals, and one of the last hopes for return to the road is the new superphone that will be released throughout the year.

This unstable situation has caused arising out various rumors related to the sale of the company. At the moment nothing more than comments but it is interesting to see how returns the rumor that Microsoft is interested in investing in RIM, more specifically 3,500 million dollars.

This figure, to get an idea of its magnitude, is more or less half of RIM which is worth today. Also, to follow the game of comparisons, it is more than three times what you have paid Facebook for purchasing Instagram. Having said that, and if true, the big question is to what you want Microsoft invest such amount of money on RIM?

There are many reasons. The most obvious, and in the wake of the purchase of Motorola by Google, is RIM patent portfolio. This element has become something fundamental to fight against possible claims of competitors. Remember of course that Microsoft makes box with a few Android manufacturers by such patents.

Another issue is interested in Microsoft invest in a hardware company? In Redmond are pretty busy trying to make Windows Phone is a gap in the market. Notable are the efforts underway with Nokia to give a boost to the operating system with the family Lumia.

I do not think having special interest in Microsoft’s your software to have presence on Blackberry, for example that Bing is the search engine the system default. Neither towards the opposite direction. I.e., that for example Blackberry Messenger was present in Windows Phone.

There are, however, also remember that, if true, It wouldn’t be the first time that Microsoft does this. 15 years ago, in 1997, Microsoft invested in Apple 150 million dollars. With this amount, in addition to helping the company from Cupertino economically, was software like Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer to enter the operating system of the Apple.

I repeat, they are nothing more than rumours but it continues to be interesting topic given the situation in which is RIM now. We will see if they are able to escape from his own foot in this situation, if they end up resorting to sale or end up adrift.