Meet 5 Bars with Retro Atmosphere in Sao Paulo

Bars in São Paulo is something not lacking, but if you want Besides drinking good drinks and good beers, enjoy a more nostalgic, be aware that it is more than possible. Check out the selection of five bars with retro atmosphere in Sao Paulo that should be on your list of places to meet.

1 – Frank Bar: Frank Bar is located on the ground floor of the imposing Hotel Maksoud Plaza, your name is an homage to singer Frank Sinatra made a memorable presentation at hotel in 1981. The bar was all redesigned with decoration of years 40, dark furniture, red leather chairs, low light, Golden cash register and a live band playing jazz complete the climate back in time.

In addition to the retro climate, Frank Bar is run by award-winning bartender Spencer Jr. and have some of the best and most well executed letter of drink of São Paulo, being one of the few places in town that you can sit at the counter and accompany the preparation of beverages. The drinks are worth every penny, the food menu is controlled by the prestigious Flintstones Meats.

2-SubAstor: the SubAstor is inspired by the time of prohibition America, where the bars were kept in a secret location to avoid being found by the police, so to find your entry is necessary to pass the Hall of the Astor bar, down a flight of stairs and behind a velvet curtain enter your atmosphere of mystery.

To feel by flouting u.s. law in 20 years, sit on the bench and see the preparation of drinks, but get there early, because despite having a hidden climate is one of the most famous bars in São Paulo, connoisseurs of the art of mixology line to approve the inventions of the award-winning bartender Fabio la Pietra.

3-Drosophla Bar: in the center of Sao Paulo in a restored mansion that preserves old architecture of São Paulo is the Drosophla Bar, the decor is composed of old furniture, which look like a living room visit from another time, some Chinese objects of Madame Lili are also part of the decor, the character is invented by the House and would have come from Shanghai and lived in the big house by promoting the Bohemia of São Paulo.

The Drosophla Bar in addition to the great drinks, have a well executed cuisine, from entries to full meals, an interesting place to celebrate birthdays in small groups, drinking with friends, and even a date.

4-Bar Sodas: the Sodas as the name is inspired by the soda that was present in childhood and adult lives of many Brazilians, impossible not to remember to keep the bottle to change for sodas at Sunday lunch, to increase the climate of nostalgia has retro furniture decoration, ancient baleiros, soda and a vintage sofa. Here at you can get more vintage decoration ideas.

There are more than 30 regional soft drink labels of small manufacturers and more than 20 drinsks with sodas, if not bar star soda fan, don’t worry, there are other options like drinks not alcoholics and craft beers. If you are vegetarian or vegan on the menu has several items with no ingredients of animal origin.

5-Lekitsh Bar: Opened along with the Roosevelt Square Lekitsh is a place that uses exaggeration to create fun décor, blending the retro and kitsch, (term of German origin that describes a dubious aesthetics and popular, but great popularity and emotional appeal). Are many nostalgic objects, among them are cassette tapes, pin-ups, black and white tvs, lamps and even patterned old toy.

The atmosphere is divided into two floors, the second floor is more intimate and have a beautiful view to the Roosevelt Square, being preferred for celebrations of birthdays. To accompany the caipirinhas, beers and drinks, the highlight of the menu is the rice cake that come served in a clique of chicken, to do justice to the environment.