Manolo’s Guide to Rome

Manolo visited during the end of July, one of the world’s most exciting cities; Rome-architecture, food and men’s fashion in world class, it was not difficult to get inspired and we chose to compile our favorites.

Clothing stores

Rome may not have the same wide range of men’s fashion as Milan or New York but boasts some of Europe’s most pleasant shops.

Grisal-Via Monte Zebio

Grisal is in our opinion one of the Rome-and perhaps Europe’s foremost shops for tailoring men’s fashion. Here, world-class brands with affordable options and all follow a common thread. Perhaps most impressive is the range of the 3-story big stores that are filled to the brim with hand-stitched shirts, ties and suits often custom made in collaboration with the store.

Cosimo Colonna–Via hence “Uffizi” del Vicario, 53

Cosimo Colonna is a store in a somewhat lower price range than Grisal with focus on available interpretations of classic fashion. What most impressed us was the quality of the wide range of jackets and suits under their own brand. Products with very nice fit and nice details which during the sale period is often low at under €200 for a Blazer.

Davide Cenci- Via di Campo Marzio, 1-8

Davide Cenci is by far the largest of the better men’s stores in Rome and extends from the number 1-8 on the Via di Campo Marzio which conveniently enough is opposite Cosimo Colonna. Shop blends the undeniably high and low and offer everything from solid welted shoes by John Lobb of light driving shoes from Tod’s. Like the other stores is the great emphasis on it’s own brand, Davide Cenci that were represented in both jackets, shirts and ties.

Loro Piana-Via dei Condotti 24

Loro Pianas stores may see more or less identical out where in the world you are located, but it makes them not for one second less inspiring. The company, which according to many is considered as the world’s most exclusive works with total uncompromising and offers its customers some of the world’s finest and most expensive knitted goods without a logo as far as the eye can see. In order to understand which level it is about a baby cashmere sweater starts at about the same price as Ralph Lauren’s Purple Label (around €1000) and for the corresponding jumper in Vicuna can count on the triple.

Watch Stores

In addition to clothes shops also offer of exclusive watches, both vintage like new condition. Here at vaultedwatches you can get more models of the watches fashion. The Italians are crazy about their watches and was highly instrumental in the growing interest in exclusive vintageur which has contributed to a number of specialists in the field based in Rome.

RomaOrologi – Via Cavour 212

RomaOrologi is one of Rome’s major clock shops focusing on vintage and has a wide range of Vintage Rolex, Audemars Piguet and Jaeger LeCoultre.

Bonnano-Via della Croce 13

Bonnano is like RomaOrologi focused on mainly second-hand watches but consists of a small hole in the wall on Via della Croce. Here, the focus is on Rolex but also a lot of Patek Philippe.

Drinks And Snacks

Hotel Russie, Via del Babuino 9

For Martinis world class we recommend a visit to the 5 star luxury hotel Russie a stone’s throw from the Spanish steps. Although the hotel’s accommodation costs a travel budget per night can we mere mortals have affordable drinks and snacks at the hotel’s pleasant courtyard.

In addition, we will also look at another tourist attraction in Rome during the next week when we visited Andrea Luparelli who runs the tailor’s Sartoria Ripense for a closer insight into the business.