Madonna di Campiglio, Italy

Madonna di Campiglio is a fashionable and respectable winter resort in the Dolomites. The town is located at an altitude of 850 m in the Val Rendena valley and is part of the Skirama Dolomites region. It is connected with neighboring settlements by a network of lifts, the choice of routes is not limited to one ski area. For snowboarders there are parks with figures of different levels of difficulty, and for freeride lovers there are unequipped slopes.

Madonna di Campiglio is recognized as one of the most picturesque mountain resorts in Italy – from the lifts and slopes you can see the Adamello Brenta nature reserve.

Skiing is not the only outdoor activity. Local travel agencies offer tourists a ride in jeeps or dog sleds in deep snow. There are many hiking, horse riding and cycling trails in the mountains. Vacationers with children are attracted by family hotels, children’s ski schools and gardens with animation. For après ski there are several bars and nightclubs.

Skiing in Madonna di Campiglio

The village is located at an altitude of 850 m, the highest ski area – “Groste” – at 2500 m. From the hotels on the lifts you can get to 4 main slopes – “Chinka Lagi”, “Groste”, “Pradalago” and “Monte Spinale”. Almost half of the tracks are blue. They differ in length, slope and level of difficulty. Beginners should practice on short gentle slopes, and then move on to more difficult and long ones. Most of the blue slopes are on the Pradalago slope, as well as in the Groste and Monte Spinale zones. For experienced skiers, the resort is equipped with 17 red slopes. All of them are wide, comfortable and safe, which is why professionals consider them too light. The longest descents of this difficulty level are Spinale Diretta in the Monte Spinale zone, FIS 3-Tre in Chinka Laghi and Grenziana in Pradalago.

In the vicinity of Madonna di Campiglio, there are many unprepared slopes suitable for free skiing.

Fans of real extreme sports will also find something to do in Madonna – there are 8 black slopes on the slopes. There is at least one in each ski area, but the largest number is concentrated in Monte Spinal, and the coolest – Miramonte – is located in Chinka Lagi. Snowboarders should definitely go up to the Groste pass, where there is a large snow park with tracks, jumps, rails and other figures. It is designed for experienced athletes and beginners. The first have a place to hone their skills and improve their skills, the second – to try their hand and learn the basics.

Ski passes

Tickets are divided into categories according to the dates and age of the guests. For children and teenagers — discounts of 20-40%. In the low season – until December 22, from January 8 to 26 and after March 12, ski passes are cheaper. A day will cost 50 EUR, a week – 250 EUR. From January 27 to March 11, tickets cost 55 and 300 EUR, respectively. The highest prices for Christmas. Those who want to try all the slopes of the region should buy the Skiarea ski pass, which also applies to Pinzolo, Folgarida and Marilleva. The pricing principle is the same. In the low season, a day pass costs from 51 EUR. Up to 8 days inclusive prices are fixed.

What to bring

Although Madonna is an expensive fashionable resort, the choice of shops for a full-fledged shopping is small. Shopping is better to go to Milan. In the town itself there are several perfume shops and multi-brand boutiques of Italian clothing, but most of the companies specialize in ski equipment. In sports markets, a large selection of equipment of excellent quality. Prices practically do not differ from other Italian resorts.

As a gift, you can grab themed magnets or local delicacies. There are several farm shops in the city, the assortment includes natural cheeses, meat, jams, sausages and other provisions. Of the wines, you should pay attention to those made from local grape varieties – Gewurztraminer or Müller Thurgau. Fans of strong drinks will love grappa. Local craftsmen make beautiful and original handmade items from wood and ceramics, from simple knick-knacks to kitchen utensils and other household appliances. At Christmas, the stalls are filled with festive and religious items.

Cuisine and restaurants of Madonna di Campiglio

The resort offers traditional dishes from the Val Rendena region. There are many farms in the vicinity of Madonna di Campiglio, so the main ingredients are natural meats, cheeses, dairy products, as well as mushrooms, wild berries and herbs. You can also often find corn and polenta on the menu. Local homemade sausages and sausages have nothing to do with what we are used to buying in stores. As for alcoholic drinks, local regional wines and grappa with the addition of berries and wild herbs are in demand among tourists. You should definitely try products made from the milk of Rendena cows. Most establishments specialize in traditional homemade dishes, but there are also gourmet restaurants, including Michelin-starred ones. There are also pizzerias, cafes and fast food.

The average check in restaurants is quite high, but many hotels include breakfast and dinner in the price, and in apartments you can cook yourself.

There are no budget facilities at the resort. Breakfast or a snack in a simple pizzeria or burger will cost at least 20-50 EUR for two. Lunch in a middle-class cafe will cost 50-70 EUR. The average check for dinner for two persons with drinks in a fashionable restaurant can reach up to 150-200 EUR.

Entertainment and attractions

Most of the attractions of Madonna di Campiglio are natural. The city is located in the center of the Adamello Brenta National Park, which is famous for its rich flora and fauna. There is a large population of brown bears – the symbol of the reserve. There are many hiking trails here. On the way there are mountain rivers and waterfalls, alpine meadows, as well as the ruins of castles, fortresses and churches.

There are many mountain lakes in the vicinity of Madonna, the most famous of which is Tovel. It is called red because of the microalgae that colored its waters during flowering. True, now it will not be possible to see this phenomenon – the last time the plants bloomed in the mid-60s.

From the central square of the resort, you can see the mountain slopes, against which the roofs of the Alpine-style houses stand out.

In the city center there is a park and a recreation area “Conca Verde”. Here, tourists and locals walk, admiring the mountain peaks or practice Nordic walking, to then go on a more difficult route. There is also a library on the territory of the park, and in the southern part there is a small lake, which turns into a skating rink in winter.

Active recreation is not limited to skiing and snowboarding. Local travel agencies organize snow safaris, horseback riding in the mountains, dog sledding trips and other activities. For fans of extreme sports, there is a paragliding center, and for fans of more relaxed activities, there is a golf course, bowling, tennis court and squash court. For an evening walk, it is better to go to the main square of the village. There are several cafes, restaurants and shops here. At night, their facades are decorated with bright illumination, and at Christmas, a festive tree is set up in the center. For those who are tired of running around the mountain slopes, there is a museum. The exposition will tell about the history of this region, traditions and customs of local residents. A separate collection is dedicated to celebrities who have ever lived or vacationed in Madonna – Franz Joseph, Michael Schumacher.

Madonna di Campiglio for children

The resort is perfect for families. Even tourists with kids under 3 years old will be able to go skiing. Many hotels have cots and playrooms, while cafes and restaurants have special menus and high chairs. Almost every ski school has a kindergarten, in some you can even leave a baby. Children are looked after until 4:00 pm. For children over 4 years old, ski training is held in the first half of the day, then games, animation and outdoor walks are held.

Those who want to seriously interest their child in skiing should pay attention to full-day courses.

There are practically no children’s entertainments in the city. The only exception is the Campilandia game park near the Golf Campiglio hotel. The territory is equipped with many inflatable attractions for different ages. In winter, you can go to the lake in Conca Verde Park and go ice skating.


The resort has a temperate mountain climate. Winters are mild, with more sunny days in December than in June. However, sometimes it can be quite cold, especially on the slopes. After Christmas, frosts intensify, but due to humidity, this is practically not felt. The ski season lasts from December to mid-April, if there is not enough snow on the slopes, artificial snow is turned on. From May to November, rainfall is more frequent, and the sun peeps out less frequently. Summer is quite cool, it is unlikely to sunbathe. But comfortable warm weather allows you to conquer the mountain slopes on foot and admire the beauties of the Adamello Brenta nature reserve. See Citypopulationreview for weather information.

Madonna di Campiglio, Italy