LG Stylus 2: Smartphone With Pen And Dab + In The Practice Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

The LG stylus 2 is suitable for all those who wish to operate a large display precisely by pen input and a cheap alternative to the Samsung Galaxy search note 4 even if the screen under the open sky is too dark. The digital radio DAB + made a good impression in the practice test. The supplied headphones are far too big and deliver sound meager results. Otherwise that reflected stylus 2 properly: the cameras snap mostly decent images, the speed is sufficient for a liquid operation, the battery is large and changeable. Also, the Smartphone dominated LTE fast data connection. Best price on the Internet: 174,00 euro * this product at Amazon order Pro precision pen input radio reception via DAB + ordinary cameras big change battery contrast display for outdoor use to dark bad headphones satisfactory assessment of editorial users rating now evaluate LG uses on its newer smartphones increasingly on special functions: the X screen borrows itself the second mini display of the LG V10, cam is a dual rear-view camera in the X and the LG G5 attracted much attention with its replacement modules. The new model, however, has a display pen stylus 2 and supports digital radio reception. If that alone makes a purchase, reveals the practice test by Our site.

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The LG tried stylus 2 things differently but also inevitably better? The practice test shows the features of the Smartphone. LG stylus 2 test: how stands it out from the Android crowd?

Large and surprisingly light

The LG stylus 2 is not a Smartphone for small hands: it is about as big as the LG V10, but slightly smaller, thinner and much lighter. For the low weight, buyer must accept smears instead of metal which is completely made of plastic 2 stylus. The front page is LG typical: plain, black and without much Tosh. The very slippery back consists of plastic and has a not very high quality. As with many other devices of the manufacturer, switch in the rear-view camera is located between the volume keys. The stylus pen inside a compartment on the upper edge of the housing. A replaceable battery, as well as subjects for a Nano-SIM – as well as a microsd card hidden under the thin cover. On the front of the housing feels slightly uncomfortable, besides this features but with a good feel and processing stylus 2.

Precise input with thin pen

A special feature of the stylus 2 is the display pin with the Smartphone can be alternatively operated. Man pulls him out of the housing, the display will show a menu that allows you to access special functions. So, for example, with the pop memo can be create quick notes that can store the stylus 2 also in image format in the gallery. Function capture + will meanwhile provide screenshots with notes, Scribble the users with the pen on the screen. The input worked flawlessly in the practice test. The writing feels very precisely and without offset recognizes manuscripts. The pen is very thin a careless handling could cause that he breaks.

Bad headphones with bad reception

Especially when the stylus 2: the Smartphone supports radio reception via DAB + (digital audio broadcast plus). The standard provides not only for a better sound quality, he submitted additional information to artists, titles, the weather or the current traffic situation on the Smartphone. To receive the digital radio station must be the music lover’s plug headphones. The supplied specimens, the disappointment is great: the headphones are much too large for most ears and sound very thin. Good contrast: By tip on the icon you can listen radio stations broadcast over the speakers of the Smartphone.

Display under the open sky is too dark

The display of the LG stylus 2 is 5.7 inches (14.48 cm). The resolution (1280 x 720 pixels) not sufficient at a large screen, crisp-sharp focus to represent content. For the price range that’s still fine. The brightness is itself in closed rooms sufficient, however much too dark in outdoor operations, if the Sun doesn’t show. In contrast, there is nothing wrong, colors look minimal too pale for the stylus 2. The viewing angle is also somewhat small advised. The display is also very susceptible to fingerprints: to operate the screen first with his hands and then with the stylus pen, many thin lines adorn the front side of the Smartphone.

Practice test: LG stylus 2

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Thicker battery, updates Android

Owner of the stylus 2 may be happy about the large battery all 3,000 mah saves the black block. Also pleasing: The current Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow operates lgs Smartphone with pen. Connects the device via Wi-Fi in the older n-standard on the 2.4 gigahertz band, as well as via Bluetooth in version 4.1. Also, the stylus 2 dominates the fast data connection LTE and NFC.

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Liquid control tempo

The quad-core processor Snapdragon Qualcomm 410 should provide sufficient pace with the stylus 2 with a clock rate of up to 1.2 ghz. Various benchmark results are shockingly bad: Geekbench 3 situates the Smartphone in the ranking over Samsung Galaxy S3, at the 3D-Grafik-Test gfxbench is subject to the stylus 2 the old flagship of Samsung even close. More elaborate games still run without hitch, when operating the Smartphones there are no unusual delays.

Expandable storage

1.5 gigabytes of memory to the page are the processor. The internal memory is 16 gigabytes of which after installing the latest version of the software are less than 10 gigabytes free. The storage space to up to 128 gigabytes is expandable via microsd card.

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Good snapshots with HDR mode

The main camera in the LG stylus 2 reverts to 13 megapixels. Outdoor shots are slightly blurred by slight picture noise, afford otherwise but no weakness. The HDR mode which Knipse is highly recommended: photos look significantly sharper and evenly lit, without appearing unnaturally bright. Low image noise remains but also with this function. Indoor shots have a much lower sharpness and distorted colors. The brightness but makes a good impression. Detail shots succeed surprisingly well. The front camera has 8 Megapixels and is slightly fuzzy, slightly too bright snapshots. The power but sufficient for a quick Selfie. The stylus 2 in full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) captures video. Movies are slightly noisy, fight in terms of brightness and colors but good. Sample images from the photo comparison device, Samsung Galaxy S7, see the article for download.