LG Optimus 3D Will Be in 2012 a Particularly Slim Version

LG is working on an update to your phone, LG Optimus 3D, all technological showcase of the Korean firm, in which we highlight the screen 3D (without glasses) and signed by Texas Instruments dual-core processor.

Phone update has as main objective to obtain an leading design, It is spoken 7 mm thick, while retaining the virtues of the phone. It is quite possible that in 2012 we begin to see Smartphones in the market close to the 6 mm.

The information has been given exclusively by one of the creators of the first phone, Dr. Henry Noh, the people of Pocket-Lint. Has also been reported that the phone will not appear this year in the market.

It’s very interesting to know the opinion of a designer for a firm like LG Smartphones: Henry is sincere about your phone, is knowing which is the phone attractive nor the thinnest on the market, so have to work in this direction.

Also believes that phones increasingly look more (size, thickness, design …), for which the market is becoming boring. Thank you for your sincerity, but the truth is that it is in his hand trying to give it a twist to the topic.