Jabra Sole Mate Max: Bluetooth Speaker for Bass-Arm [Test]

The Danish company Jabra delivers with their big brother in their Sole mate series a bombastic sound in a robust design.

The speaker who most of all looks like a shoe, has a good sound for the price and can easily be taken out in the Garden this summer.

Sole mate Max is the big brother to the two smaller versions, Sole mate mini and Sole mate. This one, however, is not just to have in your bag, but if you take it with, so is the feast also secured.

The price of the loudspeaker is on Jabra’s website 2,290.00 kr. However, I have seen the cheaper on the net to a toad less-so if you are lucky enough to catch it on sale, you get a great deal for the money.


Size: 30.2 x 10.2 x 13.8 cm
Weight: 3 kg
Battery: Li-ion battery, up to 14 hours of playback
Audio: 2 x 76 mm subwoofers, 2 x 20 mm tweeters, 1235 mm X 92 mm passive device
Connection: Bluetooth 3.0, 3.5 mm Jack, NFC perimeter pairing
Colors: Grey
Price: around 1,600 USD.

Robust enough to throw around with

In my test of the speaker, it has been dubbed ‘ craftsman ‘ at home, meant that the design enough especially addressed to men. Despite the fact that I’m not crazy excited about design, won it in 2014, a Red Dot Award for product design in ‘ Entertainment technology and cameras ‘ category. Maybe the only serious for my chicken-hearted flavor.

The loudspeaker is robust and simple in its look, using the sole allows you to put it on virtually any surface without the progresses.

In General, the speaker, ideal for summer festivals and outdoor events-for it is water-and dust-resistant and therefore, I would not hesitate for a moment to take it out. Hanken makes it portable, although with its 3 kg is a little heavy.

The supplied cable, they have created room for under the sole, which is a delicious detail. On the way you lose it not.

The two smaller versions of the Sole mate is available in a variety of fun colors, but unfortunately made big brother Sole mate Max only in a gray/blue color, which I personally am a little sin, if you want a little more fuss in existence.


Social speaker with good sound

Sole mate Max has 4 front-facing speakers and Jabra’s specially developed woofer, which provides a good sound and thumping bass. In General, I think that the speaker delivers good sound for the price, but it can sometimes sound a bit shrill, if one does not take advantage of Jabra’s Sound App, and fintuner sound there.

The idea with the app are really very good. You can create playlists that can be shared between friends and you can set the equalizer. It would be better if the sound was just there and you didn’t have to download an app to get the maximum out of the speaker. The app allows afspilningenr from YouTube and of local music, but unfortunately no other music services.

The app is available for download for iOS and Android here. Unfortunately, Jabra Sound App not developed for Windows Phone.

A pleasant voice offers a welcome when you turn on the speaker. You can switch between a female and male-voice, which also tells you if the battery is nearly dead.

3 options for connection

You can connect to the speaker on three different ways; via Bluetooth, NFC, or via the supplied cable.

Bluetooth connection supports only version 3.0, which unfortunately does not offer quite the same context as the later 4.0 version. I also experienced a few times that the connection was either completely discontinued or skrattede-even if my phone was located upstairs and the speaker was fully charged.

If your smartphone supports NFC (Is to be found in most newer Android phones and Windows Phone), you can quickly and easily pair it with the speaker.

In addition, you can totally oldschool connect with jack, so you avoid the loose connection.

Good battery life

In the specifications there is a battery life of 14 hours and it seems that row. When the battery is nearly flat, give the voice a hint that the soon-to-be needs to be recharged again. In addition, you can also charge his phone via USB from the loudspeaker-a feature which is good if you have the speaker with out in the field.

Conclusion: Sole mate Max, a Bluetooth speaker with excellent sound, addressed to the man

Sole mate Max delivers a good sound and can be found on the market at a very reasonable price. The price is, however, generally slightly above many other (and less) Bluetooth speakers.

Size inhibits a little mobility by Sole mate Max, but it is obvious if one does not have to be so far, or have space in my backpack.

If you want a wireless speaker that provides good sound and bass and has a sturdy design is Jabra’s Sole mate Max certainly a good bid. However, the connection can slip and designed as much to women, not attracting as its smaller brethren.

The loudspeaker is ideal for outdoor use and I would highly recommend it for summer festivals.

Read more about Jabra’s Sole mate Max on Jabra’s website.

Jabra Sole mate Max get 4.5 stars out of 6 possible