Imaginarium Officializes Backpacking Day

Imaginarium, recognized in the market as leader in the segment fun design , takes action in the period of return to the classes. The brand promotes for the second consecutive year the “Day of the Backpack”, in Instagram @sigaimaginarium.

As of January 27, brand followers will be able to vote on the post of their favorite backpack. Here at Prozipcodes you can get more different models of the backpack fashion. There are five models participating: Jacket, Ethnic Jacquard, All-Time, Gray Poas and Cameras. On February 2, the most tanned option will have a 20% discount on physical stores Imaginarium across the country, in addition to the virtual store.

About Imaginarium

Created in 1991, Imaginarium has established itself as the leading brand in creative and innovative gifts in the Brazilian market, and is recognized nationally and internationally for anticipating concepts and trends in electronics, utilities and gifts. Innovation is a fundamental characteristic of the brand that seeks to surprise its consumers by launching 400 new items per year. The company closed its revenues in 2015 at R $ 200 million and recorded growth of 6.5% compared to 2014. The brand accounts for 216 exclusive operations throughout the country: 203 stores in malls and 13 street stores. In 2016, Imaginarium expects to open another 30 franchised operations and is expected to grow 11%.